‘I couldn’t charge my electric car because of bad phone signal’

But Steve Gooding, of the RAC Foundation, said limitations in infrastructure has “undermined” drivers’ confidence in making the switch to electric. He said there were few things “more frustrating for drivers than turning up to a charge point they can’t activate”.

He added: “Two things need to happen. First, we need an accurate picture of mobile signal connectivity across the road network, so that charge point providers know in detail what’s available. Second, we need the charge points themselves to be kitted out appropriately so that they function wherever they’re located and whichever mobile network their users subscribe to.”

Telegraph readers Peter and Sylvia Welberry, 79 and 78, from Morecambe Bay, recently purchased their first electric car, but were forced to miss a day out at the rugby in Cardiff because they were unable to recharge their vehicle. 

“We had to make a stop in Ross-on-Wye where the map said there were four charging points. The supermarket one was out of action, the two others in the town centre required rebooting, and as the mobile signal was poor, we lost touch constantly with the help centre on the telephone trying to figure out how to work the machine,” Mrs Welberry said. 

The couple said they were delayed by around six hours before they were rescued by a charging point technician. They missed their rugby match as a result. 

Mrs Welberry added: “We have installed a charging point at home. But why, oh why did the Government not take control of the charging point issue? Why on earth are they not standardised, so you could use any point anywhere?”

The Government has said it is aware of the challenges and a dedicated EV Energy Taskforce, set up by the Prime Minister in 2018, last month laid out a string of vital “enabling conditions” for the electric vehicle rollout to be successful. 

This included building 500,000 public charging points, up from the 30,000 that exist today, as well as mapping of poor mobile signal areas and tougher regulations to ensure providers are held to account for faulty charge points.

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