Aston Martin DBX707 review: the monstrous 193mph super SUV that the greens will love to hate

Acceleration is now a 0-60mph time in 3.1sec (0-62mph in 3.3sec), with 0-100mph in 7.4sec, a top speed of 193mph, with 19.1mpg in the Combined WLTP cycle and CO2 emissions of 323g/km. They’ve speeded up the rear axle, reworked the... Read more

Brian Blessed: ‘My biggest love in life, apart from space, is women… they’re my religion’

Best relationship? I have a wonderful wife, Hildegard Neil, who was Cleopatra to Charlton Heston’s Mark Antony. We live in a cottage with a few acres, full of animals – ponies, horses, dogs and cats. It’s a bit like Noah’s Ark.... Read more

Yes, men suffer from Age Rage just as much as women (just ask Clarkson!)

You may have seen that Jeremy Clarkson, who turned 62 on Monday, has admitted to experiencing what women know as Age Rage. Actually Age Rage, or the gentler game of Age Compare – the habit of comparing yourself with people... Read more

There is a certain poetic justice to the Partygate fines

It is entirely understandable that Boris Johnson should want to take a drink with friends and workmates at the end of the day. It is what we all like to do. It is entirely understandable that he should want to... Read more

Make a mess, say sorry, divert attention – Boris treats the British public like one of his wives

A single “sorry” tells you everything about a person. First, whether they say it at all; second, how and how fast. This dictates the vital conclusions: do they mean it, or will they commit the infraction in question again? In... Read more

Macron’s disastrous campaign may yet doom him to defeat

The result of the first round of French elections looked to Emmanuel Macron’s supporters like a vindication of his strategy. The French president, who stayed aloof from any actual campaigning in the weeks leading up to the vote, managed to... Read more

Partying was the least of Boris’s lockdown sins

For the rudderless Marie Celeste that is the Conservative Party, each day seems to herald a new public relations disaster. Sometimes, like buses, their catastrophes arrive in twos and threes. First, the Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan was found guilty... Read more

This cult of the ‘normal’ birth is dangerous

It was telling how many grandmothers wrote to me, contrasting their own labours more than 30 years ago on efficient, consultant-led wards, with the distress, danger and lack of continuity experienced by their daughters under midwife care. At the Royal... Read more

The best red wines under £30 to drink with Easter lunch this bank holiday weekend

Like many of us, I spend time with family at Easter and my approach to wine-buying is to treat it like a mini-Christmas. I order wine by the (mixed) case, aiming for one or two treaty bottles to open with... Read more

The French way to wear lipstick is easier than you think

Too nervous to use a finger when my dexterity with a lipstick already leaves a lot to be desired, I asked the makeup artist Florrie White for more pointers. White, who has tended to the faces of Rosamund Pike, Emily... Read more

All your warm weather style dilemmas sorted

Printed dress, £200, Rouje; Leather bucket bag, £495, Strathberry Transitioning out of black, grey, brown and navy can feel like losing a security blanket. Suddenly the temperature rises and we’re expected to swap the dark, flattering colours we’ve been wearing... Read more

How Wim Hof is transforming the midlife woman’s wardrobe

The Dryrobe is more in-demand than a Hermes Birkin Sales of all kinds of swimming accessories, alongside those much-lauded Dryrobes (more on those later), are on the rise; John Lewis’s range has expanded to incorporate not just those cocooning coats,... Read more

I wouldn’t rent clothes from M&S – but I hope others do

With the M&S/ Hirestreet model, not only can you keep the pieces for a full 30 days, but you can also choose three different outfits at once. It’s a generous offer, but I’m doubtful about the success of rental when... Read more

Wednesday evening UK news briefing: Sir David Amess ‘greeted murderer with a smile’, say family

Priti Patel has become the latest in a long list of Cabinet ministers who have backed Mr Johnson after he and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined for attending the gathering at Downing Street during lockdown.  Ms Patel confirmed through a... Read more

Brave defenders of besieged Mariupol taunted over ‘pointless’ resistance as 1,000 surrender

Ramzan Kadyrov, the pro-Kremlin leader of Chechnya, has urged the remaining resistance fighters in the Azovstal industrial district to give up, which would all but pave the way for a Russian victory in Mariupol. “Within Azovstal at the moment there... Read more

Poland and Britain have never been closer

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked act of aggression against a sovereign, democratic state. It has brought pain and suffering to millions of innocent people. But the Kremlin’s miscalculated attack has unintentionally prompted the best possible response: relentless,... Read more

Why Joe Biden may be right to call Putin’s actions in Ukraine a ‘genocide’

“I called it genocide because it has become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of being able to be Ukrainian and the evidence is mounting,” President Joe Biden told reporters on Tuesday night.... Read more

I stopped my wife from opening mutilated daughter’s coffin to protect her from even more grief

“She was shot at point blank range. Almost half of her head was missing,” Mr Dereko, 41, told The Telegraph.  The police told the Derekos that Karina had been killed by “violent death”. Yet because the story was “so horrific”,... Read more

Under a deadly spell: In Mali, cancer is considered a curse – with devastating consequences

In Mali’s national language, cancer translates to curse. Fearful of a diagnosis, many women avoid hospitals and visit traditional healers instead. There, they are given herbs and leaves, which they paste onto their bodies. Their cancerous lumps grow, spreading upwards,... Read more

Marine Le Pen praises Brexit Britain, as she pledges to slash France’s EU contributions

But she argued that French leaders’ predictions that Brexit would end in a “nationalist and insular withdrawal” and “a cataclysm for the English” had not come to pass. “The British got rid of the Brussels bureaucracy, which they could never... Read more

Walking a perilous path, Ukrainian minesweepers clear the way for locals to return home

In Hostomel, which was occupied by the Russians from the first day of the invasion until it was liberated on April 2, the de-mining team work their way through an endless list of addresses for various buildings and streets that... Read more

Nine women and girls in Bucha pregnant after being raped by Russian soldiers, Kyiv says

The Ukrainian government still has no idea about the full scale of sexual violence in the towns and villages that were occupied by Russians forces, she added. “To calculate the number of sexual crimes is impossible at the moment because... Read more

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of claiming domestic abuse because he threatened to leave her

Elaine Bredehoft, representing Ms Heard, said: “He started dragging her by her hair through the apartment, kicking her, punching her, tearing her hair out. She stands up and he headbutts her, and she gets two black eyes. “He put her... Read more

Russia ‘may use chemical weapons’ in its push to take Mariupol, warns US

Sergiy Gaiday, the governor of the Luhansk region, said on Tuesday that about 400 civilians have been buried in Severodonetsk, a heavily shelled frontline town currently held by Ukraine, since the start of the invasion. In Lysychansk, he said, the... Read more

Brooklyn subway shooting: Suspect arrested after taunting New York mayor about gun violence in online videos

New York City has seen a sharp rise in violent crime during the pandemic, including a string of seemingly random attacks on its subways in recent weeks. Transit crimes are up 68 per cent and shooting incidents are up 8.4... Read more