Labour evades the immigration issue

As the full details emerged of the Government’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda the chorus of denunciation grew shriller. Opposition parties and campaigners called the policy “inhumane”, “chilling” and even “evil” as though the current regime for processing... Read more

The looming cost of living crisis spells political doom for Johnson

While all else is inflating away like there’s no tomorrow, there was at least one thing that could seemingly be relied on to provide a degree of counterweight – or so many climate change activists fondly imagined: renewable energy. Sadly... Read more

Thursday evening UK news briefing: British fighter captured in Ukraine by Russians

It comes as Russia has warned that there can be “no more talk of a nuclear-free Baltic” if Sweden and Finland join Nato. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said today that if the two nations were to... Read more

Russian state TV parades captured Briton Aiden Aslin

Mr Aslin’s brother Nathan Wood, 25, told The Telegraph: “I think it is quite alarming to see the state that he is in. Especially considering the fact they were supposed to have surrendered peacefully, it is alarming to see that... Read more

Russia’s Black Sea flagship Moskva has sunk, Kremlin confirms

Russia on Thursday said the Moskva, the flagship of its Black Sea fleet, has sunk after Ukraine claimed to have struck the vessel with missiles.  The Russian defence ministry said the ship, which was told to “go f— yourself” by... Read more

One-way ticket to Rwanda for tens of thousands of Channel migrants

Under a joint memorandum of understanding signed on Thursday, the two countries agreed that those deemed “illegal” arrivals in the UK will be eligible for relocation to Rwanda. Ms Patel said the “vast majority” of those who arrive in the... Read more

Israel’s bid to send asylum seekers to Rwanda failed – but Australia’s offshoring still wins votes

A 2018 study by legal experts at Oxford University found the deportees had no proper identity papers upon arrival in Rwanda. Their only document of that kind, an Israeli-produced travel document, was taken away from them. “Throughout the journey, the... Read more

Boris Johnson vows to take on ‘politically motivated lawyers’ opposing Rwanda asylum seekers plan

Ministers have already introduced proposed laws to curb appeals by human rights lawyers, with “one-stop” shops for legal challenges to stop repeat claims.  However, Mr Johnson warned he was prepared to go further and said: “I promise that we will... Read more

Imran Ahmad Khan resigns as MP after being found guilty of sexually assaulting 15-year-old boy

A Conservative MP found guilty of child sex offences has quit as an MP, triggering a by-election in a “Red Wall” seat. Imran Ahmad Khan, who represents Wakefield, said that he is appealing against the verdict but is resigning so... Read more

More than a dozen Tories want Boris Johnson to resign over ‘partygate’

Dr Neil Hudson, the MP for Penrith and the Borders, said he “categorically will not defend the indefensible” and described the behaviour of Mr Johnson and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, who also received a fixed penalty notice, as “deeply damaging... Read more

SNP allowing transphobia to ‘fester’, says Scottish Greens co-leader

The co-leader of the Scottish Greens has accused the SNP of tolerating transphobia despite being in a Holyrood coalition with the party. Patrick Harvie said on Thursday that under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership the problem had been allowed to “fester” within... Read more

‘Ghost town’ North Yorkshire village will become UK’s Channel migrant hub

Kevin Hollinrake, the Conservative MP for the area, said he appreciated there would be concerns among residents and had met the immigration minister to discuss the plans. Mr Hollinrake, the MP for Thirsk and Malton, said: “I have been assured... Read more

Exclusive: Tories set to lose 800 council seats – and Sir Keir Starmer on course to be PM in 2024

The Conservatives are on course to lose more than 800 council seats in next month’s local elections in results that, if repeated at the next general election, would see Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, become prime minister. Pollsters Electoral... Read more

Why we second home owners can be good for your community

It was hardly a property most first-time buyers would contemplate. A single bathroom to be shared by up to 10 people; the threadbare roof leaked; the plumbing proved wildly unpredictable and within weeks of exchanging contracts, a pipe burst, showering... Read more

Questor: this diversified, conservative trust made 28pc last year. So why the perennial discount?

While there is no clear catalyst for the discount to narrow in the near term, Matthews advises investors to focus on Caledonia’s prospective returns in the meantime. “NAV growth has to be the primary reason to hold the trust,” he... Read more

‘My wife and I have the same investments – should one of us change?’

Dan Boardman-Weston, chief executive of BRI Wealth Management, said: As Mr Church recognises, the portfolios have quite a lot in common, leading to a lack of diversification. The other issue is concentration: overall, more than a fifth of their money... Read more

Do you love or hate electric cars? Share your thoughts

Electric cars are the future, we are told. They are certainly greener than cars with combustion engines – but on top of much higher price tags, drivers also face a woefully incomplete charging infrastructure along British roads.   Telegraph Money has... Read more

Inflation forcing investors into ‘risky’ stocks

DIY investors have also bet on high-growth technology companies, even as they fall out of favour with the wider market. The electric car maker Tesla ranked among the top 10 most-popular buys this week by AJ Bell customers, despite the... Read more

Landlords cash in on soaring house prices – forcing renters into bidding wars

Buy-to-let landlords are cashing in on rocketing house prices and selling their properties, causing a slump in the supply of rental homes. Plunging rental supply means competition for properties has hit a new record high, meaning buy-to-let investors have raised... Read more

‘I’m getting rid of my Audi to cut my bills’

The worst cost of living crisis in a generation is forcing families to take drastic action after nearly all household bills climbed in recent months.  The biggest change for most has been the increase in energy bills, but other price... Read more

Brilliant value bottles for Easter weekend

The next day or two will see many of us racing to buy not only last-minute chocolate eggs, but a decent bottle or two of red for the long Easter weekend. And it’s likely these will be destined to go... Read more

What coffee really does to your health, and how many cups you should be drinking a day

Raised cholesterol LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is typically considered the “bad” cholesterol that causes the build-up of fatty deposits within arteries. Cardiologist Dr. Bruemmer, from the Cleveland Clinic, said that: “There are certain types of coffee where the low-density lipoprotein... Read more

Should you warn about serious mental health issues in a Tube ad?

Stewart Dolin, the 57-year-old lawyer in whose memory MISSD was set up, took his own life in Chicago in 2010 – six days after starting an SSRI antidepressant. Of course, it’s impossible to prove the direct cause of Dolin’s death,... Read more

Please save me from the Christmas-ification of Easter

Such a treat. Such a treasure. The much-anticipated chocolate Easter egg of my childhood. Covered in shiny foil. Falling cleanly in two halves. Hemispheres of heaven, filled with Smarties, Buttons or Tooty Frooties. Sometimes, my dad upped the ante and... Read more

Priti Patel is showing more compassion than any of her detractors

We were having dinner on holiday in Turkey last year, when the British couple at the next table started complaining how difficult the Covid regulations made it to return to the UK. “Be Syrian refugees!” advised the restaurant manager with... Read more