The Tories will be punished for their stealth raid on aspiring graduates

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, high-earning graduates are now looking at £3,000 of interest over six months; for lower earning graduates, a staggering £2,300. The easy response is that this dramatic rise – from 4.5pc to 9pc for... Read more

Religious belief is not a guarantee of human decency – but neither is it mumbo jumbo

On the evening of Maundy Thursday, our village church held the ancient service of Tenebrae (“darkness” or “shadows”). It is a lament for the three days preceding Easter, the days in which Jesus sat at the Last Supper with his... Read more

Dinosaurs: The Final Day, review: David Attenborough tried his best, but this was no Jurassic Park

I can’t have been the only one who watched a grey-haired Attenborough superimposed in front of a jungle full of meandering dinosaurs and thought, “Jurassic Park”. I’m afraid – and it pains me to speak ill of the monarch – that... Read more

Jealousy, anger, tears – the BBC’s La voix humaine is a searing portrait of a woman spurned

Gone are the days when the Easter and Christmas periods would present a feast of opera and ballet on the BBC. It is symbolic of squeezed budgets and changing priorities that the Corporation’s offering, this Good Friday, is no glamorous... Read more

Robert Jenrick becomes first MP to take in Ukrainian refugee family

Mr Jenrick insisted he had not pulled any strings to speed the process up, saying it was right that British families had to match their own families in Ukraine as “there are limits to the role of the state, and... Read more

How a Welsh microchip factory became a national security nightmare

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary, has said the sale continues to be assessed, and insisted that the Government stands ready to reverse the takeover if it decides to. “Their position on this is confused and it’s contradictory, and that’s the... Read more

Homes for Ukraine scheme could get charities’ help to match refugees with UK families

The Government has faced repeated criticism over the scheme. As of Tuesday this week, 17,625 visas had been issued for those in the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme in England, despite over 150,000 people registering their interest in housing refugees... Read more

Priti Patel faces Home Office mutiny over Rwanda migrants plan

The policy has split Left and Right, with new polling from Find Out Now showing that it is overwhelmingly popular among Conservative and Leave voters, while as few as one in 10 Labour voters back it. It has also caused... Read more

Devices to stop drivers speeding could be mandatory in all new cars

Manufacturers can choose from a range of responses, from an alarm system similar to seatbelt alerts to mechanisms that reduce engine power or push back on the pedal when drivers break the speed limit. Drivers can override the system, but... Read more

The Telegraph weekly news quiz: Which tech billionaire offered to buy Twitter for $43bn?

In the week that saw Boris Johnson face increasing pressure to resign after he and Rishi Sunak were issued fines by the Metropolitan Police over Downing Street lockdown parties, The Telegraph’s news quiz is here to find out how closely you... Read more

How Britain became anti-wealth

During the school holidays the young Rishi would help with the family finances by working as a waiter at Kuti’s Brasserie, an Indian restaurant near his home. “He was a great boy, from a very good family, and he worked... Read more

Captured Briton Aiden Aslin seen moments before surrender without head injury visible on Russian TV

Footage of a British man deployed with Ukrainian marines in Mariupol has emerged in which he can be seen just before he surrendered to Russian soldiers, without the head injury visible after he was captured. In the clip, 28-year-old Aiden... Read more

‘Boris Johnson considered himself above the law’: Readers on the week’s biggest stories

‘Mr and Mrs Sunak have been gaming the system’ @Pierrot Pierrot: “Mr Sunak might well have told the truth but is this yet another case of being ‘economical with the truth’? Mr Sunak does not live in isolation from Mrs... Read more

Boris Johnson ‘airbrushed from local election leaflets like Jeremy Corbyn’

Salford City Conservatives proclaimed in a sponsored post last May: “Everyone wants a selfie with Boris.” However, the group no longer has a digital presence. Elsewhere, Mr Johnson is not mentioned in Scottish Conservatives’ 24-page local election manifesto, launched on... Read more

‘My dog lost a leg in a freak car accident – now my insurer won’t pay up’

When I asked Waggel and Red Sands to cough up they agreed to pay you the full £6,000, although they refused to admit liability for the claim. However, there was a catch: you were asked to sign a contract preventing... Read more

Questor: we’re sticking with Young’s despite an uncertain outlook for consumer spending

Indeed, the biggest difficulty to face the company is overcoming the effects of a decline in real incomes prompted by rising inflation. This could cause a further worsening in consumer confidence, which has already declined to its lowest level in... Read more

Solar panels will make your house more valuable – but only by half as much as they cost

Installing solar panels on a property can add more than £3,000 to its value, but the devices still cost more than double that figure to purchase and install.  Interest in the eco-friendly panels has reached a five-year high as households... Read more

The Government has set an eco trap for homeowners – and it’s going to cost us £330bn

It’s the £330bn question that will affect every homeowner and buyer – but it is being ignored by the Government. For more than a year, ministers have been avoiding the issue of the incoming Energy Performance Certificate rules. This seemingly... Read more

‘We’ll all be bankrupt if the Bank of England keeps raising rates’

How can investors protect portfolios against inflation? Gold has a useful role to play as it can’t be debased by governments. Index-linked bonds, whose returns rise in line with inflation, are another excellent option. The price of an index-linked bond... Read more

Fiat’s fabulous ‘cathedral of car production’ at Lingotto celebrated

While the system was very different to that employed in other car factories it was in fact entirely logical, with raw materials entering the factory on the ground floor before being sent to the separate areas that were responsible for... Read more

A £2200 bag and a ‘Kitten Mitten’: Decoding the Duchess of Sussex’s Invictus Games look

The Duchess of Sussex made her first public appearance in months on Friday at the Invictus Games in the Netherlands, and she seems to have moved on (a little) from the stealth wealth “I’m too serious for fashion” message. The... Read more

Would you let your pre-schooler go to the shop on their own?

Aged five, the man at our local corner shop knew me well, as I’d often be there buying cigarettes for my father. Armed with a 10 shilling note or two crowns, after the 10 Craven As or Oliviers, there’d always... Read more

Anyone for egg-hopping? Cracking easter games for the long weekend

“Kids want a bit of jeopardy,” says Carter. “They want to feel a bit of risk; that’s the kind of game that works really well. I often ask my Scouts to cross an imaginary river (from one marker to another)... Read more

This fresh and easy one-pot chicken will see you into the Easter weekend

My iPhone did that thing where it serves you a curated album of old photos this week. I found myself flicking through pictures from this time two years ago, from that strangest of springs when we were all at home,... Read more

All the tricks and tips you need to host a last-minute Easter meal at home

Lamb is undeniably the meat of choice, for both symbolic and seasonal reasons (but mostly, it is delicious). Of the larger cuts, shoulder is ideal for slow-roasting until the meat pulls apart, while legs are better for a quicker roast... Read more