Mark Hix’s three-course shellfish feast for Bank Holiday weekend

A plate of roasted shellfish is a great thing to put on the table in front of guests, and has a real wow factor. Sure, they’ll need to get their hands dirty, but it’s all worthwhile and you can have finger bowls and extra napkins on the table too.

Although this may be an expensive dish, you can make a great broth or bisque out of the lobster and crab shells – I’ll be giving you the recipe in a few weeks, so keep the shells in the freezer and you’ll get your money’s worth. Make sure you source your shellfish sustainably – check the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide.

Oyster Mary

This frozen Bloody Mary mix works a treat spooned on to oysters. It’s an anytime dish that’s particularly good for brunch or even breakfast – and it’s also a classic combo that goes down well at the pub as a bar snack.

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