Let’s count our blessings: a nuclear attack is still incredibly unlikely

The use of nuclear weapons is objectively more likely than it has been for years – perhaps since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Yet we appear curiously unconcerned. It seems we can hold only one apocalyptic scenario in our heads... Read more

The Easter art of understanding resurrection

There is competition for attention in Room 30 of the National Gallery in London – which is open today, as this time last year it was not. The Rokeby Venus by Velázquez dominates one side; Murillo looks out from his... Read more

Elon Musk may be just the saviour Twitter needs – so long as he can resist China

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter and use it to promote free speech around the world. I’m all in favour, especially if it helps to break us out of the culture wars. The founder of Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla is... Read more

How posh sheds came to define British homes in 2022

“It’s really an extension of your space,” she says. It’s also a light-touch way to extend your home. It is usually easier to proceed with a garden studio than an extension, because they fall under “permitted development”, which in the... Read more

How to bring space and light to the trickiest room in the house

Planning The most important thing to think about when reconfiguring a hallway is “the journey”, says Anna Burles, co-founder of design studio Run for the Hills. “Where do you put your keys, where do you hang your coat, who else... Read more

Diana Henry’s favourite braised dishes for spring

We respond to warm weather in extreme ways in this country. The sun shines in March and out come strappy tops and tiny cotton skirts, bare white legs proudly on show. Driving around London, my friend and I try to... Read more

An eccentric inventor, an ambitious CEO and the ‘nearly perfect’ British bike that changed the world

The skeleton of a Brompton bike has six components: the rear frame connects to the main frame; the main frame connects to the front frame; and the fork, handlebar pin and stem all connect to the front frame. Dem bones,... Read more

Dear Richard Madeley: ‘Should I discourage my husband from trying to reconcile with his son?’

Dear Richard,  My 55-year-old stepson (whom I have never met) joined a rather dubious cult in Australia 20 years ago, leaving behind a trail of debts here in the UK – and clearly a number of unresolved emotional issues with... Read more

Trust me, this waistcoat is the versatile wardrobe hero you never knew you needed

I’m committing a commercial faux-pas here by sharing this. When I find myself day-dreaming about what I would create were I to have my own fashion line, I often imagine a brand devoted to… waistcoats. So many people lack an... Read more

I found the one item that makes me more French than the French

Then blow me down, I came across a real-life version of it in the newly refurbished, unbelievably shiny, unfeasibly huge Dior store in Paris. Not this exact jacket, you understand, but one that’s about £3,000 more expensive, albeit with the... Read more

Laura Ashley is back – but can it live up to its heyday?

Ask a roomful of British women which brand makes them nostalgic for their youth, and you can bet a good number will say Laura Ashley. There is something about the romantic prints and dreamy homespun cuts – not to mention... Read more

The best spring roll necks and how to wear them

I’m not a vain person and have always taken the low maintenance/big picture approach to beauty. This could be because we only had one tiny mirror in our house when I was growing up and so I’ve never really spent a great... Read more

Watch: Ukrainians brave Russian-mined cemetery to mourn the dead

Local residents of a northeast Ukrainian town are braving mines laid by their former Russian occupiers across graves to mourn and bury their loved ones. Trostyanets is only a 20-mile drive from the Russian border and was occupied by Russian... Read more

Ukraine evening briefing: Five developments as Volodymyr Zelensky issues peace talks ultimatum

Good evening. Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, has warned Russia that peace talks would end if Kremlin forces “eliminate” the remaining Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol. It comes after more than 1,000 troops defending the besieged city were forced to surrender... Read more

Russian invasion of Ukraine could last all year, US warns

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russia could use nuclear weapons to try and force a victory. “I think all of the world, all the countries have to be worried,” he told CNN. “They could do it. For them the... Read more

Meet Bullet, the minesweeping Jack Russell sniffing out deadly explosives in Ukraine

A Jack Russell terrier has been hard at work sniffing out “hundreds of Russian explosives” left behind by retreating Russian troops in Ukraine. Patron – or Bullet in English – is a two-year-old dog working in the Chernihiv region, north... Read more

Nasa’s giant hypersonic slingshot set to revolutionise space travel

Nasa is to test a giant hypersonic slingshot as a potentially revolutionary new way to hurl satellites into space, The massive device, taller than the Statue of Liberty, is already in place in the New Mexico desert and will be... Read more

‘How are we supposed to survive?’: Dog meat farmers fear total ban on tradition in South Korea

It is estimated that up to 1.5 million dogs are still slaughtered for food each year in South Korea. Nielson research also reveals that in 2020, the capital, Seoul, had an estimated 436 dog meat restaurants. There is still a belief,... Read more

‘Hundreds dead’ after Ukraine sinks Russia’s flagship Moskva

Mr Gerashchenko is a well-connected Ukrainian politician but some of his claims have proven to be unsubstantiated in the past. The Kremlin has not commented on any loss of life. Neither the Black Sea fleet, nor local officials in Sevastopol... Read more

Is this the end of the great holiday getaway?

Between the start of the Easter Holidays and Good Friday, 640 flights at Heathrow had been cancelled. Gatwick was in second place with 221, with Luton a distant third with 60 flights axed. There were 51 cancellations at Manchester.  Manchester,... Read more

Airport staff vetting rules relaxed to ease travel chaos

Although this will streamline the security clearance process, it is also likely to spark fears that airport security could be compromised as criminals or terrorists may be able to gather information about security protocols before they are fully vetted. Although... Read more

Bragging rights and blissfully stress-free – why your next family holiday should be a cruise

Having taken my twin daughters on cruises since they were three years-old, I can vouch for all of this. They’re now 19, but as they grew up, we were easily able to find cruises best suited to each stage of... Read more

Searching for the ultimate great British seaside holiday, with the artist who knows it best

Scarborough, he said, had “everything at your fingertips: you’ve got arcades, a massive beach, donkey rides, the sea. There were entertainments; I remember seeing the Grumble­weeds here, and Freddie Starr.” Freddie Starr! We observed a moment’s respectful silence. I left... Read more

Bill Nighy: ‘I procrastinate at an Olympic level’

“There is a way of looking at my life and my career as just one long exercise in displacement activity,” sighs Bill Nighy. Growing up, he didn’t really want to be an actor. “I wanted to write, my heroes were... Read more

Bill Nighy: ‘I procrastinate at an Olympic level’

“There is a way of looking at my life and my career as just one long exercise in displacement activity,” sighs Bill Nighy. Growing up, he didn’t really want to be an actor. “I wanted to write, my heroes were... Read more