The Ukraine crisis has complicated Anglo-Indian relations

Were it not for the crisis in Ukraine and all the fuss about lockdown parties, the political debate would be dominated by two matters: how best to emerge from the pandemic and how to make the most of Brexit. The former remains... Read more

Justin Welby can’t see that modern societies need borders to survive

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has declared the Government’s new immigration policy – in which some asylum seekers will be given refuge in Rwanda – an affront to Christianity. “The principle must stand the judgment of God,” he warned... Read more

Jodie Whittaker’s penultimate Doctor Who left us with one question: will she get the girl?

I watched the Doctor Who Easter special (BBC One) with my children, nine and 11, and their response to the Sea Devils, the scary monsters du jour, was telling. “Aww, so cute!” was presumably not what the programme-makers intended when... Read more

The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe, review: a very British crime story, superbly told

When the story of the “Canoe Man” emerged in 2007, I’d venture that the nation’s screenwriters were all sharpening their pens. You’ll probably remember it, or some of it: in March 2002 John Darwin, a 52-year-old former teacher and prison... Read more

Archbishop of York ‘appalled’ at Rwanda refugee plan

However, there has been criticism from some MPs that the archbishops should not be wading into debates regarding government policy and that “church was separated from state a long time ago”. The friction comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson last... Read more

Easter Sunday morning UK news briefing: Today’s top headlines from The Telegraph

Welcome to your early morning news briefing from The Telegraph – a round-up of the top stories we are covering on Easter Sunday. To receive twice-daily briefings by email, sign up to our Front Page newsletter for free. 1. Rwanda... Read more

‘It’s between the plague and cholera’: Marseille still undecided on Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron on Saturday chose the sweltering melting pot of Marseille to paint himself Green as he gunned for the key Left-wing and youth vote in a bid to clinch a second term next Sunday, warning of the danger of... Read more

House of Lords staff told to avoid ‘offensive’ terms such as ‘manpower’

House of Lords staff have been told to avoid using “offensive” terms such as “man-made” or “manpower”. The Lords has produced an “Inclusive Language Guide” with words and phrases to be avoided by employees. The guide advises that instead of... Read more

Priti Patel told there was ‘not sufficient evidence’ Rwanda plan would deter asylum seekers

Priti Patel was warned by a Home Office chief there is “not sufficient evidence” that her Rwanda plan will deter asylum seekers, it has emerged. The Home Secretary had to force civil servants to sign-off on the partnership by issuing... Read more

SNP ‘engulfed in sleaze’ as it faces calls to suspend two MPs after sexual harassment complaints

However, the complaints have been upheld under the new Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme, The Sunday Times reported, with the politicians asked to respond. The Scottish Lib Dems called for the party whip to be removed from both MPs, which... Read more

Stop your misguided moralising on Rwanda deal, MPs tell Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop’s Easter sermon is the latest in a series of interventions by him over government policy. In Sep 2020, he used a Telegraph article to denounce the Prime Minister for “determining the daily details of our lives” by imposing... Read more

Good will triumph over evil, says Boris Johnson as he addresses Ukrainians in Easter message

Good will triumph over evil, Boris Johnson has said as he directly addressed Ukrainian Christians in his Easter message. The Prime Minister said that Britain was bursting “with new life and new hope” as he drew on international concerns as... Read more

Boris Johnson to visit India amid criticisms of country’s failure to condemn Vladimir Putin

Ahead of the visit, which was initially scheduled for January 2021 but delayed because of the pandemic, Mr Johnson said: “As we face threats to our peace and prosperity from autocratic states, it is vital that democracies and friends stick... Read more

Boris Johnson accused of ‘instigating’ Downing Street lockdown party

“This wasn’t a leaving drinks – until the Prime Minister arrived,” a source told The Sunday Times. “This was the usual press office Friday evening wash-up drinks. “Boris came fumbling over, red box in tow, and he gathered the staff... Read more

Questor: rampant inflation is no impediment to this FTSE 100 stock’s growth

Meanwhile, the performance of its underlying business could be enhanced by continued investment in digital opportunities. The proportion of the company’s customers ordering products online increased by eight percentage points to 67pc between 2018 and 2021. Digital sales reduce its... Read more

Put British clocks on French time to save on energy bills

Critics counter farmers in Scotland would be forced to work in darkness for much of the morning and that less light would be dangerous for school children walking to school.  A trial of maintaining British Summer Time throughout the entire... Read more

‘My friend died days before our 60th birthday party – now the venue won’t refund me’

Has a company treated you unfairly? Our Consumer Champion is available to help. For how to contact her click here.   Dear Katie, To celebrate our 60th birthdays, a dear friend and I booked a venue called Simulacra in London for a... Read more

David Gentleman: ‘I designed stamps for the Nauru government so my family could join me on holiday’

David Gentleman, 92, found fame as an artist in the 1960s with his watercolours, lithography and wood engraving.  He has produced some 20 books and illustrated 37 by others and from 1962 to 2000 was also the Post Office’s most... Read more

The great bungalow shortage: how older buyers are being squeezed by young families

During a recent bungalow sale, “every­one who came to see it was assuming that they would add a level or at least build into the roof space”, she added. Demand comes primarily from local buyers who are struggling to buy... Read more

The car that seduced Roger Moore: Volvo P1800 at 60

The original sales brochure boasted that the P1800, with its 100hp (98.6bhp) engine and fully synchromesh-equipped gearbox, was a car which attracted attention through the “sheer beauty of its handsome lines and its effortless sparkling performance both in dense city... Read more

The big 2022 Easter quiz: 50 questions for the whole family

Easter weekend has arrived, and with it the Telegraph’s five part Easter quiz. Some of the questions will be guessable for anyone; others will require good breadth of knowledge. Film, geography, history and egg-hurling all feature. Make your way through each... Read more

Could your dog go vegan?

We have a dog called Cyrus. He’s a magnificent hound. A big hulk of soft, huggable, gentle kindliness, all Labrador and fox red to boot. He’s a family dog, he sleeps in our bedroom, he drags us out for walks,... Read more

The ultimate guide to barbecue charcoal

Barbecue days are here again. It’s time to drag it out of the shed, shake out the ash and locate the lost bracket that’s fallen off since last year’s swansong sausages. Set-up aside, cooking up a feast over solid fuel... Read more

What you need to know about the chronic condition that affects us all

Finally, in her early 30s she began studying nutritional therapy to try to understand the complex interplay between diet and lifestyle, gut health, stress, emotional trauma, chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. “There’s a saying that genes load the gun and the... Read more

How to banish midlife stress in just four weeks

After two years of pandemic stress, we now have back-in-the world stress, which comes in many different flavours, and is a lot noisier. For a great number of people, Covid stress caused health anxiety, job insecurity or lockdown-induced loneliness. Now... Read more