Boris Johnson to offer MPs ‘full-throated apology’ over ‘partygate’ fine

Brendan Clarke-Smith, a 2019 Conservative MP who had called for “heads to roll” where rules had been broken, said few people in his Bassetlaw constituency had contacted him since Mr Johnson was fined “outside the usual regulars opposed to everything the Government does”.

“Most people are now fed up with ‘partygate’ and want us to focus on other issues such as the cost of living, their energy bills and Ukraine,” he said.

Another member of the 2019 intake, who considered submitting a letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson, said constituents were “angry over partygate, they made massive sacrifices, but ultimately they want to get on with life and their biggest concern is the cost of living”.

Almost 40 backbenchers who previously expressed discontent over “partygate” have remained silent since Mr Johnson’s fixed penalty notice last week.

Fourteen MPs who had publicly called for Mr Johnson to resign over Downing Street parties were also lying low on Monday night. 

A spokesman for David Davis – who in January told Mr Johnson: “In the name of God, go!” – declined to comment on how the former Brexit minister could vote.

Although the Prime Minister is confident in the support of his parliamentary party, polling published on Sunday suggested he must do more to regain public trust.

Seventy-two per cent of Britons surveyed by JL Partners expressed a negative view of him, while the most common word used in their responses was “liar”.

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