US mask ruling causes confusion as Joe Biden’s flagship Covid policy falls apart

The latest ruling comes months after the Supreme Court voted down Mr Biden’s plans to make large companies require that all their staff are vaccinated or masked and tested weekly. 

The President’s popularity has plummeted to the joint lowest level of his presidency with the latest polls showing only 33 per cent of Americans approve of his job performance. Opposition politicians were quick to respond to the latest ruling.

Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor and possible Republican Presidential candidate in 2024 said: “Great to see a federal judge in Florida follow the law and reject the Biden transportation mask mandate. Both airline employees and passengers deserve to have this misery end.”

Transport workers have warned that the uncertainty and confusion could lead to violence.

A person could now theoretically travel to New York’s JFK airport in an Uber without wearing a mask, after the company said they were no longer required for drivers or riders. 

Once in the terminal, however, they would have to put a face covering on because the airport has said they are still required. 

The mask could be taken off on the plane if that airline has lifted the mandate and kept off when the flight lands in Los Angeles, as unlike New York, they are not requiring people in the terminal to mask up. 

However, once the traveller boards the LA Metro into the city, they would have to put the mask back on as the Los Angeles Department of Transportation is still following CDC guidance.

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