Boris Johnson is condemning Britain to French-style declinism and despair

When I moved to Britain from France 27 years ago, it was like stepping into a radically different world. The UK was an exciting, dynamic, go-getting boom-time economy that was embracing hard work, risk-taking and the nascent internet; socialist, sclerotic,... Read more

Have sympathy for Anne Darwin – she was a victim of Canoe Man too

A neat quirk of The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe (ITV) is that Anne Darwin (played here by Monica Dolan) was incarcerated at HM Prison Low Newton in County Durham at the same time as serial killer Rose West... Read more

First-born daughters should be allowed to inherit peerages, says former Tory MP

First-born daughters should be allowed to inherit peerages from their fathers, a former Conservative minister has declared, adding she “cannot rest until this posh glass ceiling is broken”. Harriett Baldwin, a Conservative MP, told the Commons this “small and symbolic... Read more

Boris Johnson opens door to increased immigration from India in exchange for trade deal

The Prime Minister has announced the UK will stop importing Russian oil by the end of the year and will phase out Russian gas imports. Mr Johnson has even recently visited the Middle East to convince Gulf states to increase... Read more

Tories launch adverts attacking Labour MPs who ‘voted to keep illegal migrants in Britain’

The Conservative Party has launched a campaign of attack adverts directed at Labour MPs, telling the public they voted “to keep illegal migrants in Britain”. The party is targeting MPs who are in Sir Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet or represent... Read more

Boris Johnson pushes for delay into investigation on whether he misled Parliament

Boris Johnson on Wednesday night urged MP critics to focus on issues that “matter” to voters rather than the “partygate” scandal, as he pushed to delay a key vote until after the local elections. Speaking to reporters on his flight... Read more

Bank of England seeks to unlock cheaper mortgages with post-Brexit rule change

The Bank of England is poised to unlock cheaper mortgages for millions of households after pledging to use its post-Brexit freedoms to introduce a “more British style of rule-making”. Threadneedle Street is seeking to axe overly expensive and onerous rules that make it... Read more

Sir Keir Starmer told to retract claims Boris Johnson criticised BBC’s Ukraine coverage

On Wednesday night, Mr Johnson claimed Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, agreed that the BBC and the clergy had “misconstrued” the Rwanda deal. “It’s a sensible brave and original policy. I think Priti [Patel] has come up with something... Read more

Full list of Tories who have called for Boris Johnson to resign since ‘partygate’ scandal began

Boris Johnson is facing the largest threat to his premiership after he was fined for breaking lockdown rules by attending his “birthday party” in the Cabinet room in June 2020.  The latest development in the ‘partygate’ scandal has resulted in... Read more

Inside the Azovstal steelworks: The sprawling underground city standing between Vladimir Putin and the fall of Mariupol

Analysts said, however, that the vast network of tunnels underneath the factory would be a nightmare for invading forces.  “They can try, but they’ll be slaughtered because the defenders of the tunnel will absolutely have the tactical upper hand,” Alexander... Read more

Saudi Crown Prince ‘shouted’ at top US official over Jamal Khashoggi killing, report claims

The Crown Prince told Mr Sullivan “he never wanted to discuss the matter again”, the newspaper reported. He added that the US could “forget about its request to boost oil production”, it said. Mr Biden, who has blamed Saudi Arabia’s... Read more

Ukrainian town to rename street in honour of ‘new hero’ Boris Johnson

The news was broken in an online post by a council official, who said the new name represented “new heroes”. Lesia Vasylenko, a Ukrainian MP, wrote after the announcement: “Derussification is spreading fast across Ukraine. All Moscow and Pushkin streets... Read more

Education department staff – the truants of the Civil Service – ordered back into the office

The Education Secretary has ordered civil servants back into the office, saying he expects a “return to normality” after his department was found to have the worst attendance figures in Whitehall. Nadim Zahawi’s demand came after Jacob Rees-Mogg, the minister... Read more

Questor: Britvic’s growth and income potential gives soft drinks maker room to sparkle

Some of its products have also gained market share during the pandemic. This positions them for growth as the wider industry recovers. And, with innovative packaging and the launch of new flavours, the company may be in a stronger position... Read more

Getting a first at university is worth it – but not if you study English

Students graduating university with a first class degree earn £7,900 a year more than those with a lower second class grade within five years of finishing the course.  Graduating with a high class degree makes a large difference to earnings... Read more

Banks pushing ‘green’ loans on to landlords to meet government targets

Lenders have rushed to sign up landlords up to “green mortgages” amid panic over eco rules that will force investors to make homes more energy efficient. The number of green buy-to-let deals – which offer cheaper loans to investors who... Read more

‘I was absolutely quaking’: how to ask your boss for a pay rise – and get it

It’s one of the most difficult conversations to have – which may be why asking your boss for a pay rise is something more than half of us have never done, according to one survey. Even if you do pluck... Read more

How to invest in buy-to-let: where £50,000 will earn you the highest returns

Since punishing tax changes were introduced in 2016, more investors have fled the buy-to-let market than have entered. But last year it bucked this trend, marking a bounce-back for property investment. Landlords bought more homes in the first three months... Read more

The constant feeling of something missing: What it’s like to be a lone twin

All of this trauma was just brushed over, like everything was in those days. I was born in 1948, just after the war, and people were so accustomed to death by then, it was almost second nature; everybody knew someone... Read more

How to trick yourself into eating better – and less

If that all sounds a little futuristic, however, there are other ways to fool yourself into eating better, and less. For example, placing meals on smaller plates and bowls; various studies have found that halving the plate size leads to... Read more

Eamonn Holmes: Liam Gallagher is wrong about hip replacements – and I would know

On deciding to have the surgery I couldn’t disappear from my presenting gigs, as that would raise too many questions, so I booked a private clinic in which to recuperate for two weeks post-op. For anyone who can afford it,... Read more

Camilla Rutherford: The night I stood up to Harvey Weinstein – and got away

Best purchase? I saved my money when I was modelling so that I could buy a house. Some of my friends didn’t do that, but I did. I lived frugally. Luckily, they didn’t expect you to eat much, so that... Read more

Who’s flaunting what? Celebs put their Best Body Parts on show

What’s your best body part, is the big question of the day. Maybe, like Victoria Beckham, you recently celebrated your birthday, and your partner did as David did and posted a picture of your rear view, in exercise wear, doing... Read more

Jeep Compass 4xe review: this famous name seems to have lost its sense of direction

This transition is not particularly finessed, and because the petrol engine is quite laggy, there’s still not very much grunt, so you find yourself prodding the accelerator pedal even harder. This spurs the gearbox into a rather sudden downchange, bringing... Read more

How we’re being persuaded to love wind farms

The requirement for the UK to adopt a new strategy that reduces our reliance on foreign gas and oil is underscored by the extra – and unwelcome – zeros now being added to our energy bills. Aside from ending Putin’s... Read more