How much is your degree worth? The worst value qualifications revealed

A university education used to be a one-way ticket to a better-paying career, but for many graduates this is no longer the case.

Graduates still earn more on average than non-graduates, taking home £35,000 a year compared with £25,500 for those who never went to university, according to Statista, a data firm. 

But the type of degree and the grade obtained have a big effect on future earnings, even though most students leave university with similar levels of debt, typically around £45,000.

Here’s how much your degree is worth – and which qualifications earn the least after graduation.

The worst value degrees

A fashion degree gives you the least earning potential; graduates earn just £23,832, some £1,168 less than the average non-graduate salary, according to jobs website Adzuna. Graduates with film degrees earn £24,878 on average, philosophy graduates £25,428, English language graduates £26,143 and criminology graduates £26,311.

Meanwhile media studies graduates earn £26,422, English literature graduates £26,461 and politics graduates £26,746.

Fashion graduates are more likely to find a job in their chosen field, however. Meanwhile, philosophy students are most likely to end up as project managers, analysts or sales assistants. English language, criminology, media studies and English literature graduates are also more likely to enter jobs not related to their degree after graduating. 

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