Marine Le Pen: I can still spare France from Emmanuel Macron’s ‘arrogance without limit’

In Arras, Ms Le Pen urged the French not to heed the “fear merchants” of a “system” desperate to “save Private Macron” and said the game was far from over.

In a highly unusual intervention in the domestic politics of a fellow EU state, the leaders of Germany, Portugal and Spain urged France to back Mr Macron in their “choice between a democratic candidate … and a candidate of the extreme Right”.

To chants of “we will win”, Ms Le Pen hit back by saying the “silent majority” could swing the result, adding: “There is no fatalism or foregone conclusion. If you go and vote, we will be in power. So, people of France, the time has come to rise up.”

Many of her supporters remained convinced she could still pull off a victory.

Frederic Sulpizi, 60, a tramway technician, said: “What I hear on the ground is very different to what we see in the polls. Many really believe she can do it. They didn’t think it would be this close, and don’t forget there is a big of reserve of votes.

“I didn’t believe she could win for a minute five years ago, but this time it could go either way.”

Virgine and her son Aymeric, 16, were furious at the way their heroine was treated during Wednesday’s debate. “I wasn’t surprised at Macron’s arrogance, but it was unbearable to watch. He kept cutting her off,” said Virginie.

Aymeric said: “I don’t believe the polls. They forecast that Jean-Luc Melenchon would get 15 per cent, and he ended up with 22 per cent. Nothing is certain.”

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