Citroen C3 review: chic looks aren’t enough for the French to recapture their talent for small cars

The C2 and C3, which took over from the three- and five-door Saxo respectively, were bigger, safer and ostensibly better. Yet rivals had grown up, too – and next to the excellent Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo, the... Read more

Five brilliant wines at less than £5 a bottle

If you spend a fiver on a bottle of wine, you are spending very, very little on the liquid inside. After the excise duty, VAT, packaging and logistics costs are taken off, the approximate spend on wine is just 25p,... Read more

How to cook the perfect roast beef in the oven

A proper roast dinner with all the trimmings is a time-honoured British classic for a reason. And there’s no better centrepiece than a tender joint of succulent beef, ready to carve to reveal melt-in-the-middle deliciousness. But with great power comes... Read more

Putin’s war has been a fiasco. It’s about to get worse

If the first phase of Vladimir Putin’s invasion plan for Ukraine has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster for the Russian president, there is little evidence to suggest his next effort to colonise large tracts of Ukrainian territory will... Read more

Restricting drivers won’t solve the world’s problems

In light of Putin’s war, it would be good to help break our European neighbours’ dependency on Russian oil and gas. I have no doubt that Richard Branson’s call to cut motorway speed limits from 70 to 60 in order... Read more

Russia is no longer the dominant power in Eastern Europe

Bolstered by the Red Army’s fearsome reputation in World War Two, many analysts believed that the Russian military was comfortably Eastern Europe’s premier military power. This conjecture is now being seriously challenged.  Yes, Russia has a formidable nuclear arsenal, but... Read more

When will Starmer apologise for campaigning to put Jeremy Corbyn in power?

Back in the early days of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour MPs needed a Plan B after their attempt to depose him had failed. Having resigned en masse from his front bench, held a vote of no confidence (which Corbyn ignored),... Read more

The 49 hours that killed my faith in the NHS

Excuse the heresy, but our NHS is irretrievably broken – can we have a new one please? What’s that? You want to know the exact nature of the complaint? Here goes. I could cite the fact that record numbers of... Read more

Germany is now the West’s weak link

Given the calamitous consequences of Germany’s militaristic past it is hardly surprising that in the decades since the Second World War a pacifist tendency has taken a grip among its people and governments. The upshot over the years has been... Read more

The church of ‘partygate’ was in no mood to turn the other cheek for Boris Johnson

Pity the minister who decides to defend the Government. They’ll usually end up not just marching down the hill like the Grand Old Duke of York’s men, but entirely abandoned, behind enemy lines and starved of reinforcements. On Thursday, the... Read more

The real best reads of Her Majesty’s reign

1957: Our Man in Havana, Graham Greene  My favourite Greene, The End of the Affair, was published just before Princess Elizabeth’s accession. 1958: The King Must Die, Mary Renault; The Greengage Summer, Rumer Godden  The former is the greatest ever... Read more

Boris is the British Macron – and he’s condemning our country to declinism and despair

When I moved to Britain from France 27 years ago, it was like stepping into a radically different world. The UK was an exciting, dynamic, go-getting boom-time economy that was embracing hard work, risk-taking and the nascent internet; socialist, sclerotic,... Read more

5 reasons boomers will redefine old age

When my dad died, it was sudden. Heart attack. No warning. When time had passed and I was trying to fill Dad’s shoes, my beloved, heartbroken mum stared at the floor and whispered, ‘We’re in a right pickle, aren’t we?’... Read more

‘I left school with one O-level but became a doctor in my 40s – I’m proof a second act is possible’

I still hankered after medicine. I would read medical books and textbooks on neurology just for fun. I would take any opportunity to learn. That’s how I ended up taking a first aid course in the village hall. I told... Read more

The real reason why the Queen has such ‘beautiful skin’ at 96

If you spend most of your days in an oxygen-deprived office block with recycled air conditioning, you’ll be familiar with the lacklustre complexion that begins to develop when your complexion is chronically dehydrated, something many of us suffered when working from home in dry, arid... Read more

Why Prince Harry and Silicon Valley tech bros are still wearing ‘gap yah’ jewellery

Just so we’re clear, I never had a gap year. Sorry, that should be ‘gap yah’; if you were one of the many Olis or Arlos shipping off after your second year at university to build huts in Cambodia, your... Read more

The seven style stages of Queen Elizabeth

Some believe that Elizabeth was wearing jeans at the exact moment she became Queen, when her father passed away in his sleep at Sandringham on 6 February 1952 while she was on a safari holiday in Kenya. She arrived back... Read more

‘We will fight to the last bullet’, declares Ukrainian soldier in Azovstal steel plant

Before the war, Vladislav was a kickboxer from the Zaporizhzhia region and joined the military aged 19. Now his family fear for his life. ‘Who will defend Ukraine, if not us?’ “But who will defend Ukraine, if not us? You... Read more

Five killed in blaze at Russian military research institute

A deadly fire in Russian on Thursday destroyed the building of a top-secret military research institute working to develop Russia’s newest ballistic missiles. The blaze at the Central Research Institute of the Aerospace Defence Forces in the city of Tver,... Read more

What Vladimir Putin’s ‘liberation’ of Mariupol really tells us about the war

The north is under pressure, particularly on the routes past Kharkiv, though the Russians are inching past the Ukrainian counterattacks. But the west is open and Ukraine can still push troops and supplies towards the Donbas from Dnipro, so Putin... Read more

‘Butcher of Bucha’ sanctioned by UK in crackdown on Vladimir Putin’s generals

Further individuals outside the military were also sanctioned, including Oleg Belozyorov, the chief executive and chairman of Russian Railways, and Ilya Kiva, the defecting and expelled Ukrainian MP who has publicly supported Russia’s actions. Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, and Anne-Marie... Read more

Watch: Mike Tyson ‘repeatedly punches plane passenger’

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Mike, come on, stop that,” a man is heard saying on the phone footage. Another video from the flight shows the aftermath of the incident, with the man sporting traces of blood on his forehead.... Read more

US to send Ukraine top-secret bespoke ‘ghost drones’ for Donbas battle

Ukrainian soldiers will be travelling from Kyiv to Poland in the next few days and weeks to receive instruction on the US’s new drone systems. The new tranche of $800 million in military assistance is expected to include 72 155mm... Read more

Ukraine evening briefing: Five developments as Russia slaps Mark Zuckerberg with travel ban

Good evening. Moscow has issued a number of travel bans against prominent Americans including Vice President Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg.  It came as a tit-for-tat move after the US imposed sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.  Elsewhere, Moscow... Read more

French election debate: Emmanuel Macron accuses Marine Le Pen of provoking ‘civil war’ with hijab ban

Earlier, Alexander Navalny, the jailed Russian dissident, had accused Ms Le Pen of entering a corrupt “influence peddling” pact with Mr Putin in exchange for a €9 million (£7.5 million) loan she has not fully repaid from a bank he called “Putin’s... Read more