UK’s rarest cars: 1981 Talbot Avenger, one of only 25 left on British roads

It is sometimes a shock to realise the longevity of certain cars. A 1969 registration suffix always looks slightly odd on a last-of-the-line Jaguar 240, just as it is faintly bizarre to see J-registered Morris Oxford Series VI. David Latchem’s ... Read more

Mark the start of al fresco dinner season with this light, fresh monkfish dish

I have spent much of the past week forcing my loved ones to eat outside. Easter weekend always feels like the threshold to al fresco dinner season. I know we’re at that slightly dicey point in the year when the... Read more

Hay fever or Covid-19? How to treat symptoms with these simple remedies

For many, the return of warmer weather can be a little stressful on the sinuses – with 20% of UK residents suffering from hay fever, according to Chemist4U. For sufferers of seasonal allergies, easing the symptoms of hay fever can... Read more

The mystery of the surging child hepatitis cases

Meanwhile Israel has detected 12 cases and in Europe, nine countries have so far reported roughly 30 cases – including in Ireland, Spain and Denmark. Of these, four children have required transplants, and most have needed hospitalisation. The youngest was... Read more

Conversations with Friends star Jemima Kirke: ‘I thought, this is marriage written by a 22-year-old’

Since she first hit the spotlight, Kirke has been branded a wild child by the media. While that may have been the case in earlier years, today she comes across as a homebody (‘I have no problem saying no to... Read more

Raise your glass to last orders for restaurant no-show slackers

What a rude bunch we’ve become. So rude that restaurateurs and pub landlords are calling last orders on customers who fail to honour their bookings. Last-minute apologies and no-shows are becoming so widespread across the hospitality industry that upfront deposits, cancellation fees... Read more

The best zero-waste products you need to grow a sustainable garden

Zero-waste shops can be found all over the country – I have two within a five-minute walk from my house. In fact, here in Bristol, we are also lucky to have an old converted milk float, renamed the Oat Float,... Read more

Margaret Thatcher was right to fear German unification

Rewind 32 years to one of those moments of great euphoria in European affairs – the reunification of West and East Germany. The celebrations were by no means confined to Germany. There was rejoicing too in the US and much... Read more

Face it, Tories, you haven’t got an heir to Boris

There are many silly old sayings in Westminster that get proved wrong time and time again yet lack the good grace to go away and die. One of the stupidest is that a prime minister is merely “first among equals”... Read more

Don’t be fooled: Labour’s big problems still haven’t gone away

Scratch the surface of any Labour MP and you will discover a fundamental fear about the future of their own party. The Corbynite Left like to remind their enemies among the party’s centrists of their boast, before Keir Starmer took... Read more

Boris will only survive if he trusts his instincts

Perhaps this time it really is all over for Boris Johnson. Downing Street clearly overestimated Tory support for the Prime Minister this week. The Government’s last-minute U-turn over an amendment to delay a parliamentary partygate investigation highlights the fact that... Read more

Sending refugees to Rwanda is tough, but it isn’t sensible

Immigration has long been a toxic political issue. Recently, the rise of the National Front, and then the BNP, was mirrored across Europe. Today, in the UK, we have further controversy, this time over the Nationality and Borders Bill, currently... Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s new war on woke

Fresh from counting civil servants at their Whitehall desks, Jacob Rees-Mogg has taken the culture war to the next level by reversing a ban on woke language in Whitehall. The Government Efficiency minister is reviewing the Cabinet Office’s internal “style... Read more

The task of rebuilding traditional alliances

Far away from the ruckus in Westminster, Boris Johnson’s visit to India was in part designed to showcase the opportunities now open to the UK after our exit from the EU. In the case of India, the prize is a... Read more

Why it is so hard to forgive Emmanuel Macron

Marine Le Pen could have made a clean break with Vladimir Putin’s Russia on Thursday night. She could have thrown her weight behind Ukraine, arguing that the mass slaughter of civilians changes everything. She could even have outflanked him by... Read more

EU arrogance and unionist divisions threaten to plunge Northern Ireland into an even greater crisis

Partygate is once again gripping Westminster, just two weeks ahead of local elections. But there’s at least one part of the UK where voters have other priorities. Recent politics in Northern Ireland have involved a bomb threat, riots, a brick... Read more

House rains down fire and brimstone on Boris Johnson

Pity the minister who decides to defend the Government. They’ll usually end up not just marching down the hill like the Grand Old Duke of York’s men, but entirely abandoned, behind enemy lines and starved of reinforcements. On Thursday, the... Read more

Why the home bar has become the latest interiors trend and essential your house needs

For a less permanent solution, a drinks cabinet can fit neatly into an alcove or the corner of a room, and can look inconspicuously like any other cabinet when not in use – a good choice for those who don’t... Read more

How folding clothes gained a cult-like following

For Annabel Hodin, personal stylist and organiser, ‘it’s not the folding that is necessarily good for you, it’s the not-rushing’. Hodin finds Kondo’s method of folding ‘almost hypnotic’. She believes instilling a sense of order is key, rather than allowing... Read more

I thought admitting I was dyslexic would be career suicide

Matt Hancock’s recent decision to “come out” as dyslexic induced sniggering from certain quarters. “That’s why he talks such carp,” one wag joked. Even the usually mild-mannered Phillip Schofield meanly asked Hancock whether his dyslexia was to blame for him... Read more

William Sitwell reviews The George, London: ‘The drinks list is a hymn sheet to English wine’

I’m an idiot. And while this may not come as a surprise to some of you, I sometimes forget it myself. I need reminding and so it was that on a sunny day in London on Great Portland Street, I... Read more

My family won’t accept that I’m a 52-year-old grandmother dating a 29-year-old man

Dear A&E,  I’m a 52-year-old divorcée and I’ve fallen in love with a 29-year-old man who treats me beautifully. I’ve worked hard all my life, I am a mother of three, grandmother of two, and I’m finally having fun. But... Read more

How to buy good bottles of wine on a budget

Thermostats have been turned down and streaming services cancelled. I’m hearing vigorous debates over whether dishwashers use more energy than washing up in the sink. Short of going teetotal, how can you reduce your wine expenditure? I believe there is... Read more

The death of beauty: why women are going back to basics

1. Shades of grey Join the “Greyvolution” and ditch the £200 highlights for your natural greys with a home glossing product like Josh Wood’s Icy Blonde Colour Gloss (£19, to neutralise brassy tones and boost shine at home.   2.... Read more

The quickest way to an instant eye lift (no surgery required)

It’s mastering the basics that matters now. Good skin. Healthy scalp. Shiny hair… You get the gist. But along with our haircuts and facial appointments, more and more of us are remembering to give our eyebrows some TLC too, and... Read more