April 27, 2022 – this day in history, main events

April 27, 2022 – Wednesday. 63rd day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. 117th day of the year.

What day is it today in Ukraine and the world

April 27 is World Graphic Design Day . At the same time, this event is a professional holiday for all those who work in this rather creative field. The main purpose of this day is to raise public awareness of the importance of graphic design in the modern world.

April 27 is also Morse Code Day . It was on this day in 1791 that the American inventor Samuel Morse was born. Later, he created a special system for transmitting information using dashes and dots. Although a slightly modified encoding of information is currently used.

April 27th is International Guide Dog Day . This event takes place annually on the last Wednesday of April. Animals were first trained as companions for blind people after World War I in Germany.

April 27 – what holiday is today in the church calendar

April 27 is the day of memory of Pope Martin I / commons.wikimedia.org

April 27 in the church calendar is the day of memory of Pope Martin I. He was a native of the Tuscan region in Italy. He received a good education, and then entered the clergy of the Church in Rome. When Pope Theodore I died, it was Presbyter Martin who was elected to the throne. He resolutely rebelled against the lies of the Monothelites, which were then supported by Emperor Constans and Patriarch Paul II of Constantinople. Therefore, Pope Martin I, on the orders of the emperor, was tried several times to kill. However, all attempts were in vain.

In the end, Pope Martin I was sent to Chersonese (now the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) into exile. There he died.

Memorable dates April 27

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for today, April 27:

  • 1509 – Venice was excommunicated by Pope Julian II;
  • 1565 – the first Spanish settlement called Cebu was founded in the Philippines;
  • 1644 – Wheat is planted for the first time in Canada;
  • 1828 – opening of the London Zoo;
  • 1965 – in the United States received a patent for diapers “Pampers”;
  • 1981 – Xerox announced the release of an information system called “STAR 80102”, it was the first mass computer with a mouse and a graphical interface, the system had 385 KB of RAM, a 40 MB hard drive, was equipped with a monitor and could work in local networks;
  • 1995 – the State Treasury (treasury) was founded in Ukraine.

Name days: how to name a child born on April 27

What are the name days today : Martyn, Anton, Ivan.

April 27 were born:

  • 1494 – the Ottoman sultan, during whose reign the Ottoman Empire received the greatest expansion, the husband of Roksolana Suleiman I the Magnificent;
  • 1791 – American inventor and artist, author of Morse code Samuel Finley Breeze Morse;
  • 1920 – Ukrainian mathematician, founder of the modern approach to the problems of nonlinear analysis, Mark Krasnoselsky;
  • 1966 – Mariupol wrestler, the first champion of the Summer Olympic Games from Ukraine Vyacheslav Oliynyk;
  • 1978 – Ukrainian hockey player Oleg Timchenko;
  • 1994 – Ukrainian swimmer, three-time champion and seven-time winner of the Summer Paralympic Games Evgeny Bogodaiko.

Weather on April 27

April 27 in Kyiv cloudy, but without precipitation. It will be cloudy in Lviv, rain is possible during the day, which will end in the evening. In Kharkiv, the sky will be covered with clouds, without precipitation. It has been sunny in Odessa since the second half of the day, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +15 during the day and +9 at night. In Lviv +13 during the day and +5 at night. In Kharkov +16 during the day and +9 at night. In Odessa +16 during the day and +10 at night.

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