Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

Under the Patriot brand, not only SSDs and RAM are produced, but also quite interesting gaming peripherals of the Viper Gaming series. We will get acquainted with it today, and we will do it using the example of two devices at once – the Viper V570 mouse and the V730 mechanical keyboard. And let’s start with the mouse.

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Mouse Patriot Viper V570

Viper V570 is a good attempt to combine MMO and FPS. For fans of the first genre, there are 13 buttons and an ergonomic shape of the case, and the second will like a lightweight design, the balance of which can be changed thanks to a set of weights that are included in the package. In addition to them, by the way, the kit comes with a set of stickers, the same applies to the keyboard.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

After connecting the mouse, the first thing you notice is the backlight. There is a lot of it here, it is along the contour, in front, on top, in the wheel and in the logo. In general, designers did not stint on RGB and you cannot blame them for ignoring trends.

from 1 299 UAH

Offers: 20

Of course, on the one hand, this is even a bit much, but if desired, all the illumination can be customized for yourself in the special Viper utility, which is necessary to configure mice from this manufacturer. Overall, I like the look of the Patriot Viper V570, although I’m not a fan of that much backlighting. It plays a functional role only in the area behind the wheel – there are indicators of sensor resolution

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

There are no complaints about the build quality either, the mouse is completely plastic and quite light, and its weight can be increased by 34 grams, and not in one place, but in certain slots under the cover on the palm surface.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

The mouse fits perfectly in the hand, like a glove. The only thing missing is a tenacious, preferably rubber pad on the right, under the ring finger and little finger.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

There is just slippery plastic and when you pick up the mouse, it can slip out of your hand. In other places, there are no complaints about the materials. There is grippy rubber under the thumb, and plastic with a soft-touch coating under most of the palm.


There are no questions about the main keys – their click is clear and short. Under the main keys are Omron switches with a resource of 10 million clicks. There are no complaints about the scroll wheel. It is covered with rubber and the finger does not slip when scrolling. Each of the side keys has a unique shape, thanks to which they are well tactilely separated from each other and are easy to grope with a blind finger.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

True, it should be borne in mind that in order to take advantage of all you need to have a long thumb, especially the largest key on the sidewall. But this will not be a problem for owners of medium and large brushes.

Setup and functionality

The well-known Avago ADNS-9800 with a maximum resolution of 8200 dpi and software zoom up to 12000 is used as a sensor. The sensor did not bring any surprises in use – stable operation without interruptions. It should also be noted that 5 ceramic legs with a high resource on the bottom are a very rare solution.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

In the already mentioned Viper utility from Patriot, you can control the backlight, reassign the functionality of the keys in a very wide range, and work with macros.

Patriot Viper V730 mechanical keyboard

from 1 549 UAH

Offers: 20

Now let’s move on to the keyboard. The Patriot Viper V730 is a classic gaming mechanical keyboard. Large, luminous and takes up a lot of space on the table. The design is almost entirely plastic, but a metal plate on top adds a pleasant feeling to use and rigidity to the case. The wrist rest is non-removable and covered with soft-touch plastic. The backlighting in the keyboard is only red, it can be configured directly on the keyboard, although there are no other options.

The software for it is not yet provided. On the other hand, it is not particularly necessary, since the functionality of the keyboard is basic. For macro lovers, this will be a disadvantage, but for those who need only the bare essentials, no.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

Here’s what the developers really really thought about, so it’s with the ability to customize the backlight. There are a lot of opportunities for this and for their development you will even need to familiarize yourself with the manual.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

The keyboard is equipped with Kailh Brown switches. By its properties, this is an analogue of Cherry MX Brown – there is a tactile feedback, pressing requires a small effort of 45 grams, and there is no click during operation. Except for the one that emits a keycap when pressed.

Introducing Patriot Viper Gaming Peripherals

Kailh Brown is great for typing and gaming, it’s a good balance between acoustic comfort and ease of use.

Pros: ease of use, customization options, number of mouse buttons.

Cons: Not for everyone

Conclusion: I’ll start with the mouse. First of all, I liked her shape, she is really comfortable, this cannot be taken away. She also liked a large number of additional keys, and there are few such models on the market. Moreover, all this can be configured, and from a software point of view, there are no questions about the mouse. There are none for the filling. As for the keyboard, there are no complaints about it either. This is a solid mechanics, on good, universal switches that are suitable for both text and games. Of course, her backlight is “only” red, and not fashionable RGB, but, nevertheless, not everyone needs it. Functionally, there is everything you need, that’s a fact. In general, the Patriot peripherals left a good impression and, with a competent pricing policy, it is worth paying attention to.


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