Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

Robotic vacuum cleaners have long been part of our lives as devices that can make life much easier. You press a button on your smartphone and while you’re at work, it does the cleaning for you. The only trouble is that their capabilities are limited by the floor, and all other surfaces have to be cleaned either with a classic vacuum cleaner or by other means. Especially to solve this problem, Ecovacs has launched the Deebot OZMO Pro 930 kit on the market, consisting of a robot vacuum cleaner and a battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaner, which will allow you to clean where its floor counterpart cannot.

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For products of this class, the packaging is a very important parameter, and Ecovacs has provided everything you need. In addition to the Deebot 930 robot vacuum cleaner, the kit includes the Ecovacs ZB1511E handheld vacuum cleaner, as well as instructions in Ukrainian. The handheld vacuum cleaner is not sold separately, at least not yet. The robot vacuum cleaner is also sold without a manual one and this option is called the Deebot OZMO 930.

For convenient charging of both devices, the manufacturer has provided a special docking station designed specifically for this pair. The docking station is equipped with a remote power supply with a sufficiently long cord, which should be enough for the correct installation of the charger in the room. There are also mounts on the dock for storing the brush and pipe in standby mode.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

Of the additional accessories in the Deebot OZMO Pro 930 kit, there are: two pairs of rotating brushes that are installed on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. Two pairs of HEPA filters, a turbo brush and a direct suction filter. The latter is suitable for rooms with pets for cleaning surfaces from wool. There is also a removable plate for attaching microfiber cloths for wet cleaning, there are two cloths in the kit.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930 set

For a handheld vacuum cleaner, a turbo brush for the floor, a pair of special brushes for cleaning furniture and fabrics from dust, and a meter-long extension rod for hard-to-reach places are provided.

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

Deebot OZMO Pro 930

In terms of looks, the Deebot OZMO Pro 930 doesn’t really stand out among the many robotic vacuum cleaners that have flooded the market over the past few years. However, there is nothing bad to say about its design. Its diameter is 35.5 cm, and its height is slightly more than 10 cm. You can’t call a massive vacuum cleaner, which cannot be said about the docking station, especially with a parked vacuum cleaner installed with a manual and a set of brushes.

Deebot OZMO Pro 930 design

Therefore, for all these devices you will need a lot of space, not to mention the fact that for the normal functioning of the robot you will need almost 30-40 centimeters from right to left and about a meter of free space in front.

The body of the vacuum cleaner is completely made of plastic, quite practical, traces of use on it are invisible. Except, perhaps, the front bumper, which houses the infrared sensor, which is covered with glossy plastic, it scratches quickly and dust easily sticks to it.

On the top panel there is an LED indicator of activity and modes, an automatic start and return to base button, a lidar for creating a map of the area and a hatch under which there is a dust container, service connectors and a power button.

First start

For the first start, you will need to correctly position the charger according to the instructions, charge and turn on the vacuum cleaner, and download the Ecovacs app. You need to create an account in it and connect the vacuum cleaner to a Wi-Fi network, only networks in the 2.4 GHz band are supported. Then you can start the first cleaning.

Before starting the vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to remove all wires from the floor, push chairs, as well as other small objects such as shoes in the path of the robot. After completing the first scan, a map of your apartment will be available in the application, on which the room will be divided into sections that can be selected for subsequent cleaning. This can be done both by selecting specific areas for cleaning, and by drawing virtual walls.

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

The first cleaning will take a little longer than subsequent times, as the robot will scan the room and draw its map, which will then be available in the application. In it, you can also set up automatic scheduled cleaning on the right days and hours, view the resource of consumables, adjust the water consumption for wet cleaning and, of course, start the vacuum cleaner remotely.

Also, the vacuum cleaner can notify you about the cleaning status by voice in different languages, including English and Russian. According to a company representative, Ukrainian localization is in progress. And the application itself, by the way, already has a Ukrainian interface. Of the additional management features, there is support for the Google Assistant and the less popular Amazon Alexa assistant in Ukraine.

Dry cleaning

With a suction power of 50W, the Deebot OZMO Pro 930 does a good job on carpets with pile up to 1 cm, removing light debris that clings to the pile, such as dust balls or hair. Cat hair is removed without problems, but, of course, the container will clog fairly quickly. For cleaning wool, it is recommended to use a through filter, without a brush.

In especially dusty places, the vacuum cleaner has to drive over them several times. As for barriers and thresholds, there are no complaints about the passability of the vacuum cleaner as a whole. During use, he easily overcame metal thresholds with a thickness of about 1 cm. On slippery tiles and tiles, the robot also had no problems.

The built-in battery was enough for cleaning for 110 minutes. Cleaning an apartment in 37 sq. m took about half an hour, and after that the battery was discharged by 30%. The vacuum cleaner is fully charged in 4 hours. If the vacuum cleaner understands that the battery charge is not enough for a full cleaning, then when a critical indicator is reached, it will automatically return to the base.

In operation, the vacuum cleaner can not be called very noisy. Yes, it makes noise at its relatively low power, but I can’t call 60-65 dB an annoying background. After the classic vacuum cleaners, Deebot OZMO Pro 930 turned out to be quite pleasant acoustically.

As for orientation in space, there were no particular problems with this, but in some cases the vacuum cleaner had difficulties. For example, if you have mirrored or glass doors, then periodically the vacuum cleaner tries to pass through them, but everything is limited to a few weak attempts, and then another route is chosen. Also periodically problems arise with shiny interior elements. You can confuse the vacuum cleaner by rearranging chairs or shoes to other places, after he has been nearby, the Deebot OZMO Pro 930 no longer returns to an empty place within one cleaning cycle. But, in general, the vacuum cleaner correctly plots the route and, if the instructions are followed, the cleaning goes without incident. According to my observations, the key to successful subsequent cleanings is to free up as much space as possible during the first test use, during which the robot draws a map of the room. Of course, the behavior of the vacuum cleaner cannot be called ideal, but in general, everything is very, very good.

Wet cleaning

For wet cleaning, it is necessary to pour water into the removable tank, which is located at the rear. It is not necessary to use any special water, clean water after the filter is enough. After that, you need to fix a plate with a microfiber cloth on the bottom and give the vacuum cleaner a place to clean where there are no carpets. Wet cleaning on carpets is not provided. Before cleaning, you can set the amount of water to be used. By the way, even with the selected maximum water flow, the vacuum cleaner did not leave puddles behind. The surface remains slightly damp and clean. This is a great option for cleaning floors covered with tiles and linoleum.

The great thing about the OZMO Pro 930’s wet cleaning capability is that you can control the amount of water you use.

Hand vacuum cleaner

It is impossible not to tell about the handheld vacuum cleaner that is included in the kit. Its power is already larger – 130 W, it is more than enough to clean light dust from curtains, sofas, armchairs at home and in the car, as well as in other hard-to-reach places.

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

The Ecovacs handheld vacuum cleaner is relatively light, compact, and the handle seemed comfortable to me. There are no power settings, only a button on the handle under the index finger is used to start.

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

The device is easily disassembled almost completely for subsequent cleaning. Dust is collected in a transparent plastic container. The battery capacity of 2500 mAh is enough for 20 minutes of work, and for a full charge it will take about two hours. When connecting a turbo brush, the operating time is reduced to 15 minutes.

Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot OZMO Pro 930

I liked the handheld vacuum cleaner, especially for its dimensions, convenience and the fact that it is included in this kit. Thanks to him, you can really clean where the Deebot OZMO Pro 930 could not.

Pros: cleaning quality, equipment, features

Cons: high cost

Conclusion: A set of a robot and a Deebot Ozmo Pro 930 handheld vacuum cleaner from Ecovacs is a great option for cleaning not only the floor, but also other surfaces. In general, I liked the idea and implementation of the all-in-one concept. The kit really has everything you need to completely clean the room, and quite large, but the cost of such a solution on the Ukrainian market is quite high.


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