Residents of the liberated Kutuzovka in the Kharkiv region greeted the Ukrainian defenders with tears in their eyes (photo)

The head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, showed a photo from Kutuzovka, which was recently liberated from Russian invaders.

The village of Kutuzovka in the Kharkiv region was occupied by the Russians for more than two months. Now the locals are gradually starting to come to their senses and return to peaceful life.

Sinegubov announced this on social networks.

“Broken and plundered (settlement. Ed.). The invaders expelled civilians from their own homes. About a hundred people, most of whom are elderly people, children, lived in cold basements for two months. Without electricity, gas and food supplies. But they did not break down and survived Today (April 30. – Ed.) Our defenders were greeted with tears,” said the chairman of the UVA

Sinegubov assured that local residents receive all the necessary assistance, and those who wish can evacuate to safer places.

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