Review of meat grinder Garlyn MG-3000 with metal gears

The meat grinder is one of the most common kitchen appliances and the demands placed on it are high. Garlyn positions the MG-3000 as a powerful multifunctional device that combines a meat grinder and a vegetable cutter. The device is equipped with a large set of accessories and replaceable fuses against motor overload when the auger is jammed. The manufacturer claims a processing speed of up to 2.5 kg of minced meat per minute. At first glance, this is just a find. And as a matter of fact – we’ll figure it out.


Manufacturer Garlyn
Model MG-3000
Type meat grinder
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 3 years
Power 2200 W
engine’s type AC (alternating current)
Housing material metal, plastic
Loading tray material metal
Knife material stainless steel
Number of disks 3 pcs: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm
Number of vegetable cutter attachments 5 (shredder, large, medium, small, for hash browns)
Additionally reverse
Protection overheating, overload
Accessories attachments for making sausages and kebbe, meat grinder pusher, vegetable cutter pusher
The weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D) 330×172×303mm
Network cable length 1.5 m
Retail offers

* Contrary to common misconception, this is not the period after which the device will definitely break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The device arrived for testing in a technical cardboard box, opening which we saw another box, elegant orange with a convenient handle on top.

The box contains photos of the device and accessories and technical information.

Opening the box, inside we found:

  • grinder motor unit
  • main attachment for chopping meat
  • discs for minced meat preparation, 3 pcs.
  • grinder pusher
  • kebbe maker
  • sausage maker
  • vegetable cutter block
  • vegetable cutter attachments, 5 pcs.
  • vegetable cutter pusher
  • instructions, warranty card

The device and accessories are neatly packed in plastic bags and protected by inserts.

At first sight

Garlyn MG-3000 looks very neat and not bulky device.

The meat grinder nozzle together with the tray is metal, the body is made of black plastic with metal sidewalls. The only protrusions on the case are the nozzle release lock button and the mode switch (on / reverse).

The socket of connection of the screw has the plastic case. The powerful metal teeth of the mechanism are clearly visible in the mounting hole. The design looks very reliable and even a little brutal.

Inside the case we see an electric motor and a cooling fan impeller. The installation is neat, the wires are fastened with ties.

Motor number and specifications – these data can be useful if a replacement is needed.

The gearbox itself is removed in a separate housing, which creates additional protection against accidental damage, ingress of foreign particles. If necessary, the gearbox housing can be easily disassembled.

The design of the gearbox looks reliable and thoughtful. The motor shaft is connected to the gearbox through a helical gear – less noisy and with better load resistance.

The power transmissions in the gearbox use durable metal gears. The entire gearbox structure is abundantly supplied with lubrication.

The meat grinder block is made of metal, the loading opening is wide, the tray is very capacious. It attaches very easily to the socket on the engine compartment, it is fixed by turning.

The meat grinder auger at the connection point has a metal (according to our assumptions, silumin) overload protector and a silicone sealing ring. The fuse (it is made specifically to fall apart when a bone hits and protect the gearbox from overheating) is fixed to the auger axis with a screw. The fixing ring is massive, with comfortable large grips. The block is assembled quite easily, the ring is put on and removed without problems.

The Garlyn MG-3000 comes with 3 replaceable mechanical fuses with silicone gaskets. In modern realities, a set of three additional fuses is a very strong argument in favor of buying a device.

The knife and discs for minced meat are massive, made of stainless steel. The discs have holes of 3, 5 and 8 mm, respectively.

The loading tray is very spacious. The pusher is plastic.

The vegetable cutter block consists of a body, a pusher and interchangeable nozzles and is attached to the motor block in the same way as the meat grinder block.

Nozzles can be changed without disconnecting the unit from the body of the device.

The kit includes 5 stainless steel nozzles: a shredder, a potato pancake grater and 3 graters with holes of different diameters – small, medium and large. The pusher for the vegetable cutter is plastic, not compatible with the meat grinder unit, since the vegetable cutter feed hole has a square section.

A set of accessories for cooking kebbe and sausages – plastic. The kebbe nozzle is put on the auger pin without a knife and gratings, fixed with a ring. The sausage attachment is assembled on a meat grinder unit with an inserted knife and a grate, so it is more convenient to make sausages without scrolling the minced meat first. The diameter of the nozzle for sausages is small, it will not work to hold the casing like for Krakow sausage, the nozzle is suitable for making sausages closer to the thickness of the sausage.

The device stands on four rubberized legs, two of which are suction cups. Ventilation grilles and a sticker with a serial number and technical specifications are located at the bottom of the engine compartment.


The user manual is a small book with 13 pages. The instructions on the diagrams show the description of the device, the assembly of the device for cooking minced meat, for cutting vegetables or cooking sausages and kebbe. There is a small troubleshooting table, a care manual and 2 pages of safety precautions. In general, the instructions are quite clear written and give a complete picture of the Garlyn MG-3000.


The control of the device consists in starting it with the power button located on the body, or switching to reverse with the button next to it.


Before the first use, we washed all parts of the appliance that come into contact with food. At the first start, the device emitted a technical smell for a short time.

In tests, we, as often happens, were not able to achieve the performance indicated in promotional materials.

When cutting minced meat on a large grate, the center of the grate quickly becomes clogged with veins, which significantly reduces productivity. At the same time, we used meat for tests both of medium sinewiness and non-wispy. Medium and small disks did not have this problem.

The meat grinder block is assembled easily. The fixing ring has a well-fitted thread and comfortable grips, so it is not difficult to unwind the block after use, which, in our opinion, is a very big plus.

A vegetable cutter, even with five interchangeable nozzles, is more of an addition to a meat grinder, rather than a separate device. With the help of a potato pancake attachment, it is hardly possible to chop a lot of vegetables. The chopping speed is comparable to a manual grater, since the nozzle quickly clogs and you can only grate vegetables with some effort. But for rubbing a couple of carrots or a couple of potatoes, it is quite possible to use the device.

The slicer (shredder) cuts hard vegetables quite well and very quickly – carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, but did not cope very well with cucumbers. It is possible that summer hard cucumbers will be cut without problems, but the winter device cut badly – the pieces are uneven, there are a lot of crumbs.

When cutting carrots, it was necessary to cover the vegetable cutter block with a cutting board, otherwise the carrot circles fly out of the nozzle in all directions, missing the substituted plate.

The vegetable cutter attachments can be easily removed from the unit without disconnecting it from the engine compartment. It is convenient for changing nozzles.

The meat grinder, in our opinion, lacks regulation of the speed of rotation of the shaft. This does not affect the production of minced meat and cutting vegetables too much, but when making sausages, I would like to regulate the supply of minced meat to the casing.


The manufacturer recommends cleaning the device immediately after use.

Nozzles and all parts of the housing should be wiped with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive and aggressive cleaning agents, organic solvents.

Our measurements

For 27 minutes of operation, the device consumed 0.11 kWh of electricity. The maximum consumption recorded by the wattmeter was 443 watts. We rated the noise level as above average – which, however, is typical for almost all meat grinders that use metal gears in the gearbox.

In 1 minute, the meat grinder was able to grind 1215 g of pork into minced meat through an 8 mm grate. Through a 5 mm grate in 1 minute, 1084 g of minced meat is obtained.

practice tests

Mandatory test for meat grinders according to the method

We took a chilled pork leg, cut the veins, cut it into convenient elongated pieces and rolled it into minced meat using a grate with a hole diameter of 8 mm.

The meat was minced, not pressed.

We liked the quality of minced meat, the only negative is that the grate quickly clogged with veins in the middle, which affected the speed.

Having unscrewed the fixing ring of the meat grinder and removed the disk, we saw that a small amount of veins had wound around the knife. But it was the veins on the grate that affected the scrolling speed, since the stuffing was forced to push through all the central holes.

In 1 minute we were able to get 1215 g of minced meat.

When scrolling minced meat from the same pork through a grate with a hole diameter of 5 mm, this problem did not arise.

The stuffing was perfectly cut, no veins were wound on the grate.

The manufacturing speed was 1084 g per minute.

We made juicy cutlets from a part of the cooked minced meat by mixing it and carrots grated on a fine grater.

Result: 1215 g/min minced meat speed according to standard method

Minced beef

For tests, we took high-vein beef (flank pieces).

Part of the meat was scrolled on a large grill.

In 1 minute, the device was able to chop 1246 g of minced meat, the device easily coped with such meat, and the quality of the minced meat was at its best – large chopped even pieces. Minced meat of this grinding is great for steaks.

Having removed the grate, we saw that several veins were wrapped around the knife. But such a number of wound cores is not critical for performance.

We changed the grate and chopped the remaining meat on a grate with medium holes.

The minced meat quality was also excellent, the processing speed is slightly lower than through a grate with large holes. There were practically no wound veins.

From the resulting coarsely chopped minced meat, they made steaks for hamburgers.

The meat grinder coped with very difficult meat, while never having to use the reverse. The maximum power consumption was 318 watts.

According to the manufacturer, a special thermal fuse is installed in our meat grinder, which prevents the engine from overheating and increases the service life of the product. In practice, prolonged work with complex cuts of beef did not cause any overheating.

Result: excellent.

Minced chicken fillet

For minced meat, we took a chicken fillet, cut it into large long pieces.

Scrolled through a meat grinder using a grate with small holes. The mince cut well. In 1 minute we managed to get 1245 g of minced meat.

The grate and knife were not clogged, 0.005 kWh of electricity was spent to obtain 1 kg of minced meat.

Result: excellent.

shredding vegetables

We chose carrots as the first vegetable for shredding. The pieces were cut quite evenly, quickly, with a very small percentage of broken ones. The only drawback is that the pieces fly out of the vegetable cutter at such a speed that some scatter around the kitchen more than half a meter from the device.

We put a cutting board next to the vegetable cutter so that the pieces fell into the plate.

The vegetable cutter coped with cutting the pumpkin, perhaps best of all. The pieces turned out to be quite even, while they did not fly apart, did not get stuck in the shredder drum and fell exactly into the plate.

We stewed the chopped vegetables with the addition of zira and spices and served them together with minced pork cutlets cooked in the same appliance.

With the help of Garlyn MG-3000 you can quickly prepare a simple dish.

Result: good.


At first we tried to make potato pancakes with a pancake maker. Carrots were taken to test the nozzle. The cooking speed turned out to be no higher than on a manual grater, the carrots had to be pushed into the socket of the vegetable cutter with a certain effort, otherwise it would not be rubbed at all.

The disk clogged with carrots quite quickly, the large holes of the nozzle did not let small grated carrots into the disk.

The potatoes didn’t turn out much better, so we decided to grate the potatoes with a fine grater attachment. It turned out well, the potatoes were rubbed quickly, with even long fibers, they did not clog the drum of the nozzle.

Draniki was made from grated potatoes by mixing it with a small amount of grated cheese and salt.

Served with vegetables.

Result: good.

Cheese on a grater

We decided to compare the results of using three types of cheese graters.

Medium grater – fast enough, a lot of small crumbs.

Coarse grater – quickly, there are no small crumbs, the chips are quite homogeneous.

We liked the fine grater for rubbing this type of cheese the most. The chips are uniform, long, almost without crumbs. The speed of rubbing is normal.

Result: excellent.

apple fritters

For pancakes, we took apples of winter varieties, rather starchy, not juicy. Rubbed on a medium grater. Despite the fact that the apples were not of the best quality, the vegetable cutter was able to cope with them, grated them quickly enough and without clogging the grater drum.

On the basis of grated apples, a dough was made by adding flour, eggs and spices. Fried pancakes.

Result: excellent.


Meat grinder Garlyn MG-3000 is a powerful universal kitchen appliance that combines a meat grinder and a vegetable cutter, as well as a device for making kebbe or sausages.

The minced meat cooking speed is 1246 g per minute, although lower than stated, but still good. The quality of minced meat is excellent. The meat grinder did an excellent job with all types of meat – we were especially impressed with the work with sinewy beef of the third grade.

The device is equipped with three (!) replaceable overload fuses that protect the motor when the auger is blocked. The drive gears and the entire block of the meat grinder are metal.

The device is compact, assembly and disassembly of the meat grinder unit and change of vegetable cutter nozzles are very easy.

The Garlyn MG-3000 comes with 3 different discs for minced meat, 5 attachments for a vegetable cutter and attachments for making kebbe and sausages.

Pros :

  • easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Comes with replacement fuses
  • metal gears and grinder block
  • 5 interchangeable attachments, 3 minced meat grids, attachments for making kebbe and sausages

Cons :

  • not very convenient vegetable cutter nozzles

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