Review of the ice cream maker Kitfort KT-1821 for creating rolls

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world. The abundance of varieties and ways of serving ice cream is so great that it would seem impossible to come up with anything fundamentally new in the manufacture of this dessert. But no, recently the so-called Thai ice cream roll, which is sometimes mistakenly called “fried ice cream”, has come into fashion. Thai ice cream roll is a common street treat that is made from natural products right in front of the buyer. Probably the “highlight” is its naturalness, variety and speed of preparation. We have been wanting to experiment with this dessert for a long time, and so Kitfort gave us a KT-1821 ice cream maker, designed specifically for making such ice cream, for testing.


Well, let’s experience, experiment, test and enjoy!


Manufacturer kitfort
Model KT-1821
Type freezer
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 2 years
Power 120 W
Climate class N/SN
refrigerant isobutane R600a
Refrigerant quantity 23 g
Noise level 60 dB
capacity 0.5 l
Work surface material stainless steel
Equipment spatulas, 2 pcs.
Automatic shutdown In 2 hours
The weight 10 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D) 381×273×245 mm
Network cable length 1.2 m
Retail offers

* Contrary to common misconception, this is not the period after which the device will definitely break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


Ice cream maker Kitfort KT-1821 was delivered in a large cardboard box of the manufacturer’s standard design. On a blue-black background, a schematic image of the device, technical specifications and advertising slogans. The box does not have handles for carrying, and this is not very convenient, given the solid weight of the device.


Opening the box, inside we found:

  • ice cream maker
  • spatulas 2 pcs
  • instructions, warranty card and advertising printing

At first sight

The device looks like a rather large cube of stainless steel, looking at the owner with its glued black eyes. The eyes peel off without problems, only the power button and the operation indicator remain on the case.


Comes with 2 stainless steel spatulas with wooden handles. With the help of them, the ingredients are mixed on the freezing tray and the finished rolls are rolled up. The shoulder blades are light, they lie comfortably in the hands.


The top of the appliance is a work surface that is frozen using a compressor inside the appliance. On the upper freezer tray, food or the finished mixture is laid out and spread over the surface in an even layer with the help of spatulas.


The work surface has 12 mm high sides. Initially, the stainless steel surface was smooth, without scratches, but in the process of working with spatulas, scratches appear inevitably and very quickly. They do not affect functionality.


The appliance must be installed at least 15 cm away from walls and surfaces for good air circulation. Ventilation grilles are located on the side and rear surfaces.


The back panel is screwed on.


The specification sticker is located on the bottom surface. The ice cream maker stands on four rubberized legs, providing the necessary ventilation gap from below.



The User’s Manual is an 11-page A5 book that gives a rough idea of the instrument and precautions to take in case of an emergency such as a refrigerant leak. The instruction is worth reading, but it is unlikely that there will be something new or unexpected in it.



The ice cream maker is controlled by a single button located on the front side of the case – the power button. During operation, the indicator next to the button lights up. While the device enters the operating mode, cooling the work surface, the indicator is orange. When cool enough, it will turn green.


The device has an auto-off after 2 hours of continuous operation.


Kit for work Kitfort KT-1821 is chosen very well. The shape and size of the spatula allow you to make three large rolls along the surface. If the ice cream is done correctly, it comes off perfectly.


The surface, cooled to an average of -10 ° C, gives complete freedom of imagination. Since the products must be mixed already frozen, milk or cream does not curdle when adding ingredients with acid – cranberries, mangoes, lemons, tangerines. Therefore, it is very easy to make an exotic dessert without the addition of stabilizers, preservatives and emulsifiers. Only the simplest products – fruits, milk, yogurt, cream, condensed milk, syrups.

In order for the ice cream to roll better into rolls, and not to lag behind the surface in layers, you need to add a sufficient amount of condensed milk.


Or, if the base itself is quite viscous, such as bananas, you can do without condensed milk, but just pouring the finished mixture on the surface is not enough. It is desirable to mix the mixture during the freezing process for plasticization.

If the mixture is already frozen, but does not want to roll into rolls, you can remove it with a spatula, grind it again, add condensed milk or fruit if necessary, and spread it again for freezing.


As a result of the above, it is quite easy to understand that all the numerous tips for making ice cream rolls in a freezer on a cold baking sheet are not very successful, since a good regular roll with the right texture is obtained only with constant stirring during the freezing process.


We felt that it was most convenient to work on the surface with products with a total weight of about 200 g. At the same time, we liked ice cream made from a mixture made in a blender much less. If the same ingredients are put on the freezing surface and mixed by hand, the dessert turns out to be tastier, and the freezing time increases by only 2-3 minutes per 1 serving.


Ice cream maker Kitfort KT-1821 allows you to work with chocolate. On the surface, you can create a chocolate decor or use it for tempering.



For cleaning, the appliance must be disconnected from the mains for at least 20 minutes to equalize the temperature. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of abrasives and steel wool for cleaning, as this may cause scratches.

The surface of the device should be wiped with a damp soft cloth, the spatulas should be washed with soapy water and wiped dry.

Our measurements

For 2.5 hours of continuous operation, the device consumed 0.27 kWh of electricity. The maximum power recorded by the wattmeter was 146.5 watts.

It takes an average of 7 minutes to freeze one serving of a fruit mixture weighing about 200 g. If the mixture is prepared in advance, quickly spread over the surface and covered with a foil lid, then freezing takes from 5.5 to 6.5 minutes. If ice cream is prepared from products directly on the surface (for example, banana + condensed milk + milk or cranberry + condensed milk + cream), then it takes about 9 minutes to prepare a portion of 200-250 g.


For 2 hours of continuous work, we were able to make 12 servings of ice cream of 5 varieties, 200-250 g per serving. If you make ice cream of the same variety, the number of servings can be increased by one and a half times.

With the active use of the panel, the compressor of the device works almost constantly, turning off for 2-3 minutes after 35-40 minutes of operation. In idle, the compressor turned off more often.

The idle surface temperature drops to -13°C maximum, with an average of -6 to -11°C depending on the measurement point. When working with ice cream, the temperature is kept on average from +1 to -3 ° C. The panel is cooled cyclically, the temperature changes at intervals of 3-4 minutes.

During operation, the ice cream maker makes a sound like a small quiet refrigerator, the walls of the body are heated by the air coming out of the ventilation grilles to a warm state.

All temperature measurements were taken at room temperature 20°C and will change as room temperature rises or falls.

practice tests

mango ice cream

We took half a ripe mango, some condensed milk and 30% cream, put it on the work surface.


Quickly, until the cream is frozen, crush the mango with spatulas, constantly stirring the mixture. It took us about 3 minutes to mix and level the mixture.


The finished plastic mixture was leveled over the surface, waited a few minutes before freezing.


Gently pry with a spatula and roll the mixture into rolls.


They put it in a bowl, garnished with mango, cranberries and poured with condensed milk.


Result: excellent.

Banana milk ice cream

From bananas, milk, cream and a small amount of condensed milk, beat the mixture in a blender.

We measured out approximately 200 g of the mixture. Pour on the surface, leveled.


We covered the surface with a foil lid to equalize the temperature and speed up the freezing process. After 5 minutes, the mixture froze, rolled rolls out of it, put in a bowl.

untitled116 593082

Rolls with this method roll badly, the mixture tries to separate from the surface in an even layer. For greater plasticity, you need to mix it during the freezing process or add a much larger amount of condensed milk.


Result: good.

Cranberry, condensed milk and cream ice cream

Frozen cranberries were thawed, punched with a blender along with condensed milk for 20 seconds. Laid out on the surface.


When the mixture froze a little, 30% cream was added, mixed until smooth, spread over the surface in an even layer for freezing.


Rolls were rolled up in a few minutes.

untitled145 179897

They put it in a bowl with berries.


Result: excellent.

Sea buckthorn ice cream

Sea buckthorn berries were poured onto the work surface and crushed with a spatula.


Mixed with condensed milk.


Since sea buckthorn is very acidic, add cream only after the berry mixture freezes, otherwise the cream may curdle. When adding cream, it is important to prevent it from forming ice on the surface. Such ice is very difficult to mix into the fruit mixture later. Therefore, it is necessary to act very quickly.


After the mixture was mixed enough, we spread it in an even layer, waited 2-3 minutes and rolled it into rolls.


They put it in a bowl, garnished with berries and poured condensed milk on top.

Result: excellent.

Banana ice cream with chocolate

We took a banana, mashed it with a fork, put it on the surface with cream and condensed milk.

untitled137 939512

We kneaded the plastic mass, transferred it to the corner of the working surface. The rest of the surface was poured with melted dark chocolate.


We carefully transferred the banana mixture to the frozen chocolate, added chocolate lace to the empty place.


Bananas were evenly distributed over the surface, the left corner was treated with chocolate – our rolls will end there, the corner in chocolate will be visible. Rolled up rolls.

untitled126 753177

Transferred to bowls, decorated with banana, lemon, chocolate and condensed milk.


Result: excellent.

Cranberry dessert in a chocolate nest

Cranberries were crushed on the working surface and mixed with condensed milk.


Cream was added to the frozen mixture, mixed, rolled out on the surface.

untitled129 716304

After freezing, they formed rolls, left them on the surface on the side.


On the vacated part of the ice cream maker, they made a “nest” of melted chocolate. After a minute, when it froze, they transferred it to a saucer.


Rolls of cranberry ice cream were placed on top of the chocolate and garnished with berries.


Result: excellent.


Kitfort KT-1821 is a simple and convenient device that allows you to create incredible creative desserts in minutes. Ice cream is obtained from ingredients that are difficult to combine, such as cranberries and cream, without the addition of emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. When making ice cream with Kitfort KT-1821, the quality of any component can be controlled, the recipe can be changed and improved according to the situation. The device can be used by confectioners for working with chocolate or for making confectionery decor. Kitfort KT-1821 does not take up much space, is easy to maintain and does not require any control other than turning it on.

untitled132 733785

We believe that the Kitfort KT-1821 ice cream maker can be a great gift for a family with children, for people who are fond of confectionery, for lovers of desserts, or for yourself.

Pros :

  • ease of operation
  • allows you to make ice cream that cannot be prepared in the usual way

Cons :

In conclusion, we suggest watching our video review of the Kitfort KT-1821 ice cream maker:

Our video review of the Kitfort KT-1821 ice cream maker can also be viewed at

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