Review of the Kitfort KT-6129 electric kettle: the design is very amateurish, but the functionality is excellent

The Kitfort KT-6129 teapot is rather curious. Among the key features of the device, we note a removable filter for brewing, a 1.5-liter glass jug, a removable plastic lid, a rectangular plastic base, as well as as many as six buttons on it – we will definitely get to know their functionality better.


Among other things, the teapot has an ambiguous and controversial design due to the “diamond” on the lid, white and light green colors of the body and glued purple eyes. This model has several variations of colors: the main accent is light green, turquoise or purple.


Manufacturer kitfort
Model KT-6129
Type Electric kettle
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 2 years
Declared power 1850—2200 W
Housing material glass, plastic
Cover material plastic, metal
Declared tank volume 1.5 l
Additionally a variety of colors: light green, turquoise or purple
The weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D) 224×261×208 mm
Network cable length 0.7 m
Retail offers

* Contrary to popular misconception, this is not the period after which the device will necessarily break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The kettle arrived for testing in a small rectangular black cardboard box with purple accents. On it, as usual with Kitfort, the name of the brand, the model of the kettle are indicated in white font, its schematic drawing is shown in white and brief technical information is indicated.


On a purple background in the upper right corner of the box, the company always writes a funny or soulful device slogan – this time we saw the phrase “For hot – come to me!”

Opening the box, inside we found:

  • teapot
  • base with power cord
  • user manual, warranty card and promotional materials

The contents of the box were packed in protective plastic bags, and printed materials were placed in plastic bags with a ziplock.

At first sight

Visually, our kettle gives the impression of a device from the middle price category. It looks more funny and even a little toy. We’re testing a green-colored device (there are also teal and purple in the collection) and this color looks sporty, but slightly out of step with the plastic “gem” on the lid. There is a feeling that several people were involved in the design and they could not come to a compromise, so everyone added what he wanted.


The plastic case has a window through which one can see a part of a glass flask with applied graduations, consisting of 2 marks – 0.4 and 0.8 liters, and higher on the flask there is another mark – 1.5 liters.

On the side is a comfortable plastic handle light green and white. With its help, the kettle can be easily removed from the base.

On the front of the glass part of the flask there is a sticker with eyes, which, by the way, is easily peeled off and glued again.


At the bottom of the kettle we see a temperature sensor. Inside the flask, if necessary, a removable stainless steel brewing filter is placed. It is inserted into the lid of the kettle.


The lid of the teapot is made of light green and white plastic on the outside with a plastic handle on top and stainless steel on the inside. There is a removable plastic filter on the lid.


At the bottom of the kettle there are four holes and a nameplate with brief technical information about the device. The contact group consists of four concentric metal rings and a central pin.


On the base of the device on top we see a plastic nozzle of the contact group, as well as 6 buttons, one of which is responsible for turning the heating on / off, four are needed to select the heating temperature, and the sixth allows you to turn on the mode of constant maintenance of the desired temperature.


Having examined the base from below, we find a nameplate with brief technical information about the device, as well as the place where the power cord exits, the cord itself and the compartment for winding it.



The 14-page brochure contains all the information you need to operate the kettle. All data in it is divided into sections and presented in great detail and clearly.


After a cursory study of the instructions, we had no questions left regarding what kind of device appeared before us, how to properly operate it and how to care for it.


The kettle is controlled by six buttons located on the base of the device.


The rightmost button is responsible for turning the heating on / off, four buttons in the middle are needed to select the temperature, and the sixth (leftmost) button allows you to enable the mode of constant maintenance of the selected temperature (that is, any of the four presented on the control panel).

To heat water up to 40/70/85/100 degrees, you must press the button with a suitable temperature, and then press the heating on / off button (the rightmost one).

To maintain the temperature at 40/70/85/100 degrees, you must press the button with a suitable temperature, then the heating button (leftmost), and then press the heating on / off button (rightmost). Then the kettle will start to monitor the temperature inside the flask and when it cools down, it will turn on and bring the water temperature to a predetermined level.

When the kettle is placed on the base, the on/off button is illuminated with a green LED, and the base emits a short beep. The same sound is heard when the kettle is removed from the base. When you press the on / off button, it is highlighted with a red LED and water heating starts. The LED light goes out after the kettle boils.

When you press a button with any temperature, this button will light up with a purple LED and turn off only when the set temperature is reached.

Button presses are accompanied by barely audible clicks.


Before first use, the kettle should be rinsed with cold water and boiled a couple of times.

Remove the lid to add water to the kettle.

The water from the kettle pours out easily, at a stable rate. Changing the angle of inclination affects the pouring speed, so in order not to spill boiling water, it is better not to tilt the kettle too sharply.

The preset temperature buttons really bring the temperature of the water in the kettle to the specified values. That is, a very accurate sensor is installed in the kettle, which maintains reliable information about the temperature inside the flask both during boiling and during cooling.

When turned on without water, the kettle emits a characteristic technical smell and goes into emergency mode (turns off for a short time, during which it does not respond to controls). After cooling down (about five minutes), the device turns on and is ready for use again.


Before cleaning, disconnect the appliance from the mains and allow it to cool completely. The body can be wiped with a damp soft cloth as it gets dirty.

It is recommended to wipe the teapot with a damp and then dry cloth. As scale builds up, clean with citric acid, vinegar, or a special descaling agent. Abrasive and caustic cleaning agents must not be used.

Our measurements

We used filtered water at 20°C for measurements.

The weight of the teapot is 845 g, the base is 250 g.

Useful volume 1500 ml
A full kettle (1.5 l) of water at a temperature of 20 ° C is brought to a boil for 5 minutes 22 seconds
What is the amount of electricity used for? 0.162 kWh
1 liter of water at a temperature of 20 ° C is brought to a boil for 3 minutes 30 seconds
What is the amount of electricity used for? 0.110 kWh
Kettle body temperature 3 minutes after boiling 85°C
Maximum power consumption at mains voltage 220 V 1976 W
Idle consumption 0.2-0.3W
The temperature of the water in the kettle 1 hour after boiling 60.4°C
The temperature of the water in the kettle 2 hours after boiling 45°C
The temperature of the water in the kettle 3 hours after boiling 38.7°C
Time of pouring out the full volume of water in a regular way 18 seconds

To check the correctness of the set temperature on the base buttons, we took 1 liter of water with an initial temperature of 20 ° C and measured the heating time and the actual temperature:

Mode Heating time Temperature
“Baby food” 40 °C 50 seconds 38.9°C
“White tea” 70 °C 2 minutes 5 seconds 68.3°C
Green tea 85 °C 3 minutes 84.5°C
“Black tea” 100 °C 3 minutes 30 seconds 100°C

The maximum power consumption during the operation of the device was 1976 W, the average – 1900 W.

The noise level when boiling water reached 62 dBA.

Note that after boiling, the water boils rapidly for a few more (3-5) seconds – the boiling sensor does not work instantly.


Despite the extraordinary appearance of the device, which initially caused us some doubts, our test subject turned out to be quite a convenient and practical design. We consider the strong heating of the glass body to be the only obvious disadvantage of the kettle.

Kitfort KT-6129 can heat water up to 40, 70, 85 or 100 degrees, and moreover, it can maintain this temperature. Also, the kettle has a brewing filter and will be useful in a house where they like to brew different types of teas, for which a specific temperature is important. The kettle will also come in handy in a family with a small child who needs to heat food to a temperature of about 40 ° C.


According to the test results, our kettle showed quite ordinary results both in terms of the speed of heating water and in terms of electricity consumption. The kettle also cools down at a standard speed for such devices.

It is possible that we even find fault with design in vain, and such a solution will find its admirer.

Pros :

  • correct temperature programs
  • keep warm mode
  • removable cover
  • low noise

Cons :

  • strong body heat
  • very original design

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