Review of the Redmond RV-UR375 vertical vacuum cleaner

This type of device is usually designed for quick cleaning – its representatives may not differ in battery life, but they should be light and grippy. We will certainly explore the Redmond RV-UR375 upright vacuum cleaner from this point of view.


The range of questions we are interested in when testing also includes the effectiveness of its filtering system, noise level, convenience in manual mode.


Manufacturer Redmond
Model RV-UR375
Type vertical cordless vacuum cleaner
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 4 years
Power 550 W
Battery Li-Ion, 29.6 V, 3000 mAh
Electric shock protection class II
Suction power 24-28 kPa
Inlet/outlet filter. HEPA H13
Dust container volume 0.6 l
Noise level up to 77 dB
Time of continuous work up to 75 minutes (at minimum power)
up to 12 minutes (at maximum power)
Full charge time 5 o’clock
Display LED
Illumination of the cleaning area there is
The weight 3.75 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D) 1185×328×255 mm
Retail offers

* Contrary to common misconception, this is not the period after which the device will definitely break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The vacuum cleaner comes in an oblong black cardboard box with full color printing. The sides and top are decorated with photos of the device and the slogan “Freedom of movement – perfect result” in English and Russian.

Among the main features of the device worthy of mention on the packaging, the manufacturer lists an increased battery capacity (3000 mAh), a cyclonic filtration system, the ability to clean the car interior and the presence of a mount for easy storage.


When we opened the box, we found in it:

  • motor unit of a vacuum cleaner with a set of filters installed
  • removable battery
  • extension tube for floor cleaning
  • flexible corrugated tube
  • floor cleaning nozzle
  • additional rotary brush
  • wall mount
  • wide nozzle “2 in 1”
  • narrow nozzle “2 in 1”
  • brush head for furniture and clothes
  • user guide
  • service book

At first sight

Longitudinal vacuum cleaner: cyclone filter, electric motor and exhaust filter are located on the same axis. The case of the device is made of black matte plastic with silvery decorative elements.

IMG1162 962130

The garbage container is made of transparent plastic with a grayish tint. At the rear of the device is an exhaust filter unit with air outlet grilles.


A removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh is installed from below, in front of the pistol grip, and is fixed with a latch at the end of the handle.


The design of the battery pack is usual – we see a similar form factor from many manufacturers. The connector has 13 pins. At the end of the handle there is a pair of contacts for charging the vacuum cleaner on the base, but you can also charge the battery directly when connected directly to it – the power supply is included.


The DC adapter produces, according to the marking on the case, 34.2 V and is rated for current up to 0.6 A. The current supplied by the source is not enough to quickly charge the device’s capacious battery, so a full charge cycle can be lengthy.


The lid on the front end of the device is held by a silver latch and opens for cleaning along with a nozzle for connecting nozzles.


To access the elements of the cyclone filter, there is another latch that allows you to tilt the body of the garbage collector and remove the cyclone.


The air flow with debris and dust enters the container from the end and twists around the cyclone filter, which throws heavy large debris into the lower part of the container. Small debris is separated by a metal mesh with frequent perforations. Then the air with dust enters the fine cleaning unit, additionally protected by a disk of dark foam rubber.


The exhaust filter of the vacuum cleaner is located on the rear end and is an “accordion” of the HEPA element.


At the end of the vacuum cleaner there is a round display and a silver button for switching power modes.


For floor cleaning, Redmond RV-UR375 has a 630 mm extension tube. In manual configuration, a flexible corrugated tube 520 mm long is used for cleaning hard-to-reach places.


The transparent window of the electric floor brush is used to control the operation of the brush element. The hinge of the nozzle allows you to effortlessly bend it relative to the tube by 95 ° forward-backward and 45 ° right-left. The nozzle has a parking position that allows you to leave the vacuum cleaner in an upright position during breaks in cleaning.


The rotor of the electric nozzle consists of three brush elements, between which there are red plastic lamellae. The unit also includes a replaceable rotor for cleaning soft carpets with two U-shaped bristle rows.


To remove the rotor from the nozzle, use the yellow latch, clearly visible on the bottom panel.


The floor nozzle has a backlight: six bright white LEDs on the front end.


For manual cleaning, the Redmond RV-UR375 vacuum cleaner is equipped with three non-motorized nozzles: two 2-in-1 brushes and an oblong brush for furniture and clothes. The design of the hand elements is simple and familiar.


The wall mount is made of the same black matte plastic as the body of the vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with spring-loaded charging contacts and allows you to store one or two hand-held attachments next to the device.



The Redmond RV-UR375 user manual is written in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh) and is a 28-page brochure on thick glossy paper with good printing quality. The first ten pages are occupied by drawings and diagrams explaining the design of the device, its correct use and care.


The illustrations, in principle, are enough for even the owner of the vacuum cleaner, who cannot read or does not speak these languages, to get used to using it. But the five pages occupied by the Russian-language part of the text documentation contain comprehensive explanations about the safety measures for handling the device, about what should be done before starting its operation, how to care for it and what to do in case of a malfunction.


The vacuum cleaner is turned on with a key on the handle, and you can select power modes with a button located at the end of the case, inside the display module.


The Redmond RV-UR375 has four operating modes, and three power levels. Pressing the button sequentially switches:

  • Eco – minimum suction power
  • Mid – average power
  • Max – maximum power
  • Auto – automatic mode of operation: the vacuum cleaner determines the amount of debris sucked in and automatically adjusts the power

The current operating mode is shown on the LED display. Here the user can also specify the battery level in percent and get information about malfunctions: overfilling of the garbage container, stopping the electric brush and loose covers of the garbage bin or motor filter.


Before using the vacuum cleaner, unpack and remove all packaging materials and promotional stickers. The manufacturer recommends wiping the case with a damp cloth and drying it. You should also make sure that the external and visible internal parts are free of chips and other defects.

The battery of the device must be fully charged before the first start-up. The full cycle of the Redmond RV-UR375 takes more than five hours – this is noticeably more than most similar devices. Therefore, it is easiest to leave the device plugged in overnight.

The battery level is displayed on the LED display of the connected vacuum cleaner. When the charge reaches one hundred percent, the display does not turn off, as with most devices of this type, but continues to work.

The vacuum cleaner continues to work at the maximum power level until the charge level is 20%. After that, the device automatically switches to medium power mode: this makes it possible to finish cleaning, adding another 5-7 minutes to the operating time.

After prolonged use at high load, the battery heats up noticeably. The built-in blocking does not allow you to start charging an overheated battery. It may take more than half an hour to cool down, which increases the already long charging time.

The vacuum cleaner is well balanced and, despite the relatively large weight, fits comfortably in the hand and is well controlled. The mobility of the floor nozzle allows you to easily clean narrow areas of the room, and the low height of the electric brush and the successful design of the body make cleaning under cabinets and sofas efficient and uncomplicated.

Thanks to vertical parking, this model does not need to be leaned against walls and furniture during work breaks. The vacuum cleaner becomes in the parking position without undue effort, does not require extra effort and withdrawal from it. The RV-UR375 will not turn off when parked.


The backlight function allows you to clean the apartment without turning on all the available lighting: the power of the LEDs built into the floor nozzle is enough to, for example, sweep a dark corridor using a vacuum cleaner as a flashlight.


The backlight helps not only in the dark: the LEDs, placed at a slight angle relative to the surface, make small debris clearly visible, which is easy to miss in overhead lighting.

In the manual configuration, the vacuum cleaner is no less convenient than in the floor. The nozzles included in the kit allow you to effectively clean furniture, clothing and hard-to-reach places. When cleaning inside the car, a flexible corrugated brush comes in handy, with which it is easy to reach the farthest nooks and crannies of the cabin and trunk.


The transparent case of the garbage container allows you to easily control the degree of filling. However, there is no great need to look closely at it: thanks to a special sensor, the RV-UR375 informs the user about the need to shake out the container by lighting a signal LED on the display.


After several intensive cleanings, a large amount of fine dust settles on the inner surface of the foam rubber pre-filter, but we do not observe large particles here: the design of the cyclone successfully copes with the separation of debris.


By itself, the foam disk, of course, is not a full-fledged filter element, but it performs its function: the outer side is noticeably cleaner than the inner one, and the fine filter clogs more slowly.


The inner side of the fine cleaning unit became noticeably darker after several intensive cleanings, and quite a lot of fine dust accumulated in the depths of the folds.


On the outside of the fine filter, you can notice minor contamination, but the HEPA outlet element, located at the rear end of the housing, remained perfectly white. The overall filtration quality of the Redmond RV-UR375 is excellent.


All moving parts of the instrument should be periodically inspected and cleaned as necessary. If they are blocked by adhering debris, they may fail.

When dirty, the body of the vacuum cleaner should be wiped with a damp soft cloth, avoiding wetting.

Do not place the housing, turbo brush, battery and power adapter under running water or, moreover, immerse them in water. Also, do not use any chemically aggressive or abrasive substances for cleaning.

The dust container should be cleaned as it gets dirty, and the filters should be cleaned at least once a month. The HEPA filter is a consumable item, its resource is at least 12 months.

The battery of the device is also replaceable. The manufacturer reminds that new components can be purchased on the official website or from authorized dealers. According to the manual, the H13RV-UR375 filter kit is suitable for the vacuum cleaner (not available at the time of writing).

Our measurements

We give the mass measurements of the main components of the vacuum cleaner in the table:

Weight, g
Main unit with dust collector and HEPA filter 1310
Battery 540
extension tube 280
Electric floor brush 845
Large crevice brush 55
Small crevice brush fifty
brush head 55
Complete weight, maximum 2975
Complete weight, minimum 1900

Suction power (what it is and how we measure it is described in a separate article ) we determined when the vacuum cleaner was operating without a pipe and nozzles, in both modes. The dependence of suction power on the vacuum created is shown in the graph below:


The suction power measured by us was 80 AW in the maximum mode and 13 AW in the minimum.

The adapter of the vacuum cleaner consumes 20.4 W during battery power, and less than 0.1 W in standby mode.

The average time for a full charge, measured by us over several cycles, was 5 hours and 10 minutes. This almost exactly corresponds to the passport data.

The noise emitted by the vacuum cleaner depends on the selected power mode and the nozzle used.

Working mode Eco Mid Max
With floor nozzle 71 74 76
Without nozzles 67 70 78

At maximum power, the appliance without nozzles attached to it makes a little more noise than with an extension tube and a motorized nozzle: the floor cleaning configuration allows the sound emitted by the device to be directed away from the user’s ear and slightly muffled.

We measured battery life with the floor cleaning configuration and the motorized nozzle turned on.

Working mode Eco Mid Max
Working time 1:22:00 0:28:00 13:30 / 18:05

Turning off the electric brush increases the battery life by one and a half to two minutes.

Let’s summarize our measurements in one table.

Maximum suction power 80 avt
Duration of work at maximum power 13.5 minutes
Duration of operation at minimum power 82 minutes
Noise level up to 78 dBA
Weight in floor cleaning configuration 2975
Weight in manual configuration 1900


We liked the Redmond RV-UR375 upright vacuum cleaner with a very long battery life, an efficient filtration system, low noise level and a convenient floor nozzle design with LED lighting and a vertical parking system. Replaceable rotor brushes make the device equally effective on both hard floors and soft floors.

IMG1163 469187

In a manual configuration, the vacuum cleaner will be useful when caring for clothes and home furniture, as well as helping to put things in order in the cabin and trunk of a car: the RV-UR375 kit contains all the accessories you need for this. We believe that the only drawback of the device is the long battery charging time, but this is quite an acceptable price for a very long battery life.

Pros :

  • rich equipment
  • long battery life
  • good efficiency of the filtration system
  • comfortable design

Cons :

  • battery charge time exceeds five hours

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