Teqqo Partyboost One Bluetooth speaker review: light music and karaoke

It’s time for warm days, hikes, picnics, large groups of friends. With the Partyboost speaker, you can sing along to everyone and everything, thanks to the karaoke function. Teqqo has introduced a powerful speaker (50W) Partyboost One with karaoke function. The column is irreplaceable at rest, especially long, outdoors. It has many inputs for playing music in its arsenal.

For complete enjoyment of music in nature, Partyboost One can be paired – there is a corresponding function. Who said there can’t be too much sound?

The model stands out with loud music, light music and a microphone that automatically connects to the speaker. You can dance, sing and enjoy the light (under the evening sky, for example). All this is conceived by the manufacturer as a way to have a good time.

The column is also favored by its relatively light weight, the presence of main inputs and outputs and a capacious battery from which you can recharge, for example, a phone in case of emergency.

I don’t like spoilers, but the sound surprised me, not even with its quality, but with the fact that the first listening caused the bass to feel “ like from a bucket ”, but after a full discharge and charge, the sound became powerful, bright and sonorous (“the bucket” was gone). In wired headphones on dynamic drivers, there is the concept of ” warming up” , but I have not heard this in speakers before.

Description of Bluetooth speaker

The Partyboost One model is in a large box, on the back of which the main technical characteristics are indicated in small letters:

The column and two other packages from the delivery set are shown separately – everything looks solid:

The product comes with a microphone, a USB-A USB-C charging cable, a 10W charger, an aux cable and documentation in Russian. In addition to a wireless connection, you can use an aux-connector, a memory card for which it has a microSD slot, or a USB-A input for flash drives. The speaker is charged via USB-C, Partyboost can be discharged via USB-A. The presence of batteries for the microphone in the package is a plus, a nice bonus that you don’t have to look for or buy batteries in advance.

Separately, I will highlight the aux-connector: at first the sound was not very impressive, so I decided to ” upgrade ” it through the Yaqin X8 DAC – it got better, the sound was more like a clear one. Then the battery demanded a charge.

The second inclusion caused a musical shock, as the sound became different: clear, clear, loud, as you would expect from a speaker.

The model is shown from all sides below: the full-range speaker is on the front side, the second passive radiator (for knocking and percussive bass) is located at the bottom, the control buttons are at the top, there are no functional elements on the sides and on the back side. There is a carrying handle on the top of the back wall. With such a handle, handling the Partyboost One is a pleasure: both convenient and easy.

Teqqo made their column with high quality, approached the materials wisely. The grille is made of metal, the body is made of plastic. Tactile sensations do not cause irritation or dissatisfaction with the product. It seems that the user has a decent and functional Bluetooth music speaker in terms of materials and connection methods.

Controls are located on the working area: switching the sound (± or, with a long press, the composition), selecting the playback mode, rebooting the device (long pressing), equalizer, power button and starting playback.

There are two music playback modes (Mode button):

  1. Short press – Bluetooth, microSD, USB stick, AUX
  2. Long press – pairing two speakers

To compare the size of the Teqqo portable column, below is a photo in comparison with a microwave oven:

The model is large, but not so much that it is inconvenient to carry. For carrying there is a handle for which you can hook the column to the backpack.

Above is a photo of moving a column in a basket on a bicycle – not the most obvious option. My basket is not fixed on the steering wheel (I broke it), so I support it with my hand, but such baskets can definitely withstand 3 kg.


  1. Article: PBS01B
  2. Operating modes: 3 (indoor, outdoor, karaoke)
  3. Karaoke: yes, separate microphone (included)
  4. bluetooth 5.0
  5. Range: 10m
  6. Power: 50V
  7. Pairing: yes
  8. Frequency response: 40-15000Hz
  9. Sound: One 135mm driver and one passive radiator
  10. Light music: 8 varieties
  11. Working time: up to 10 hours
  12. Charging time: 4 hours
  13. Battery capacity: 10000mA
  14. Dimensions: 24*24*26cm
  15. Interfaces: USB-C at 5V/2.0A, AUX, USB-A, microSD
  16. Water protection: yes, IPX6
  17. Set: speaker, microphone, 10W power adapter, USB-A USB-C cable, AUX cable, AA battery (2 pcs.), user manual, warranty card
  18. Weight: 2.96
Charge and Discharge

There is only one notification about the charge status – a small red light hidden under the plug. When 100% of energy is collected, the light bulb stops burning. The speaker can work and charge at the same time.

The charge lasts 4 hours, during which 5339mAh (27.8Wh) accumulates. 4 hours is enough time to charge the column even from the most inexpensive solar battery in 5V / 2A mode:

The dashboard has a USB-A connector that serves as a backup charge for the device from Partyboost. However, the capacity is not very large for uncontrolled distribution of energy, so using this function is not a good idea, but in a critical situation it can be used.

The model is charged at 5V / 2A, which, on the one hand, is slow, but, on the other, I again return to, in my opinion, the most optimal use – on the street, in the company of friends, while hiking in the summer – having the simplest solar panel to charge Partyboost won’t be difficult. Therefore, the existing charge mode cannot be considered a weak side.

The column is discharged, provided that energy is returned to the device in 1.5 hours at 3138mAh (15.2Wh). The effective battery capacity is about 60%, which is not much, but you must understand that I did not turn off the light music during the distribution of energy, so the effective capacity of the batteries inside will be greater. The discharge (in the case of a phone charge) is fragmented, as it stops every 15 minutes. To continue the process, either the column must work, or turn it on every time interval. Worth some sort of downtime protection.

Before turning off, a frightening sound is made, as if part of the matter is transferred to another dimension. When turned on again, a loud and sonorous sound is also emitted. In general, hearing such overtones at night is still a pleasure, so do not leave the phone to charge from the battery of the reviewed model at night.

The battery charge is enough to listen to music at 50% volume for 10 hours. The instructions say that it is enough for 11 at 70% volume, but there is a footnote that everything is individual. The resulting indicator of autonomy when listening to music is not bad.

Light music

Light music in the column can be turned off and on forcibly. You must press and hold the corresponding key (lightning icon). Partyboost One has 8 types of light music in its arsenal:

To switch modes, you need to press the button with a lightning bolt on the control panel (the last mode, two white lights, cannot be forced to switch, they work to the beat of the music). Varieties of light music: circular wave; lower waterfall; waterfall from bottom to top and vice versa; transition of light from each side of the circle; constantly burning light; constant light, but with a change in color. Plus there are two more white bulbs at the bottom and at the top on the side of the speaker. At night, such music will set you in the right calm mood (or vice versa). Plus it will be loud and fun.

When changing the sound with the buttons, a blue circle appears on the speaker, which, as it fills up, signals the volume level being set.


The speaker has three music playback modes: indoor, outdoor and karaoke. On the instrument panel, the mode selection is felt by pressing the mixer button. The microphone connects automatically, you just need to turn it on.

The presence of a microphone highlights and makes the speaker attractive for groups of friends. If they also have people who have a voice and can sing, then the possibilities for spending time, evenings or relaxation become limitless. Eliminate the need to go to karaoke for a good time, and sing along with friends anywhere with the Partyboost One Bluetooth speaker.


For lovers of beetles, there is a 3.5 mm input in the column (not an obvious way, agree?):

In this case, the presence of a recess for a convenient location of the phone (source) comes as well as possible. The sound becomes louder when using adapters, cleaner and more interesting in every sense. For music lovers, you should use the Partyboost speaker with your DAC.

A Bluetooth speaker can be paired with the same one for an even greater effect of presence. Music can be played from memory cards or USB-A drives.


Partyboost One from Teqqo turned out to be a compact, loud, functional and bright source of music playback. With its help, you can not only listen, but also sing along to music, thanks to the microphone. The presence of three connection options gives a large choice of how to connect sources. Many varieties of light music will not leave anyone indifferent. And, most importantly, the sound in the model pleases with its volume, rhythms and percussion.

You can buy a Bluetooth speaker in the official Teqqo online store , on the pages of which you can get a discount for a subscription. Partyboost is also available on Yandex.Market (and in green color) and is cheaper.

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