Europeans will impose sanctions against Russian oil, gas is next

The EU is also preparing to hit the aggressor country economically – the next, sixth package of sanctions is on the way. The President of the European Council has no doubts that the Russian black gold is waiting for an... Read more

Ukrainian military repelled 12 enemy attacks: details

Ukrainian defenders destroyed 6 tanks, 5 artillery systems, 15 armored vehicles and 9 enemy vehicles. In the Donetsk and Lugansk directions, Ukrainian defenders continue to defend Ukrainian land. This was reported by the Joint Forces Operation on Facebook. During the... Read more

Still in the womb, and already immigrants: Dnepropetrovsk region has become a center for receiving pregnant women from hot regions

112 babies have already been born in the Dnipropetrovsk region, all of them have become internally displaced persons in the womb. Three hundred more babies are waiting to be born. Catherine fled from the Donbass, where the enemy mercilessly attacked... Read more

"Show their powerlessness": Zelensky commented on the massive rocket attacks on the Russian Federation

President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the massive missile strikes on Ukrainian regions carried out by the Russian Federation on May 3. The head of state believes that Russia reacted so nervously to Ukrainian successes in evacuating civilians from the Mariupol... Read more

Residents of Maryinka, who were not evacuated, are forced to watch their city burn down

Today, a video of the village of Maryinka, Donetsk region, appeared on social networks. The video clearly shows how the enemy destroys residential areas of the city. It can be seen that this settlement is destroyed, scorched and practically uninhabitable... Read more

Russia is preparing for the third cycle of the war at the end of May – Putin will throw people in waves

The Russian government does not stop trying to seize the territory of Ukraine. In particular, the Russian military is currently preparing for the third cycle of the war. Aleksey Arestovich , adviser to the head of the Office of the... Read more

In VR, Zelensky sent some deputies after the Russian ship, and Johnson spoke about the mistakes of the West

In the Verkhovna Rada, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new package of military assistance and called the Ukrainian defenders brave lions, and also admitted that the West was mistaken in the beginning of the Russian aggression when it... Read more

Accident in the Rivne region with 17 dead: everything that is known about the terrible accident

In the Rivne region on Tuesday, May 3, a regular bus, a mini-car and a fuel truck collided. As a result of a large-scale accident , 17 people died , 12 more were injured of varying severity and were hospitalized.... Read more

Readiness of the Russian Federation to strike from the Black Sea and 47 dead Russian soldiers: what is the situation in southern Ukraine

The enemy launched another missile attack on several regions of Ukraine, in the south, in particular, on the Odessa and Kirovohrad regions. During the day in the Kherson and Nikolaev direction, the enemy continued to improve his positions, did not... Read more

Biden visits Javelin plant and calls for more capacity for Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden visited a plant that produces Javelins, anti-tank missiles that are also supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces. The arms manufacturer announces plans to increase capacity, and the Pentagon is in talks with arms manufacturers to... Read more

They despaired and did not hope to get out: rescued from Azovstal tell how they survived in the dungeon

156 Mariupol residents who were able to leave Azovstal arrived in Zaporozhye. The evacuation convoy was expected here the day before, but because of the barriers that the Russians have, people managed to break out into the territory controlled by... Read more

In Lisichansk, the invaders destroyed the TB dispensary that survived two world wars (video)

In Lisichansk (Luhansk region), Russian invaders on Tuesday, May 3, fired at the historic building of the TB dispensary. The Belgian architectural ensemble in Lysychansk survived two world wars and the battle for the city in 2014. This was told... Read more

A massive strike on Lviv found people on the streets: witnesses saw the approach of missiles and the moments of hits

In the evening I shuddered from rocket attacks on Lvov – the Russians fired several rockets at once into the city. It is known that after the shelling there were power outages , according to TSN . A massive missile... Read more

It became known when the UN Security Council will discuss the situation in Ukraine: details

The problem of food security in the world has become aggravated in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On May 5, the United Nations Security Council will consider the situation in Ukraine. US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda... Read more

Bort BTK-30E review: a set of hand tools for household, minor repairs and more

There is a fairly large number of all kinds of tool kits designed for car repairs, but there are not so many kits focused on household electrical installation and repair work. In today’s review, we will talk about the Bort... Read more

Flydigi Vader 2 Pro: cross-platform gamepad with gyroscope, additional buttons, macro recording and excellent autonomy

Flydigi Vader 2 Pro: cross-platform gamepad with gyroscope, additional buttons, macro recording and excellent battery life / Mice, keyboards, office and gaming peripherals / iXBT Live Read more

XPPen Artist 12 (2nd gen) Pen Tablet Review with Full HD Screen and Hot Keys: The Young Artist's Best Helper

XPPen Artist 12 (2nd gen) Pen Tablet Review with Full HD Screen and Hot Keys: Best Assistant for a Young Artist Read more

Are the days of Apple's monopoly numbered? The European Union is preparing a bill obliging to let third-party applications into IOS

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Review and my first impressions of the Samsung M32 6/128 GB

In this post, we will consider the budget phone M32 from Samsung. Let’s look at its characteristics and try to understand whether it is worth the money. In the present, not the easiest time, a telephone was needed, as his... Read more

Smart floor scales Xiaomi Smart Scale 2

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Review of the DVR Daocam Uno Wi-Fi GPS: a baby with great opportunities

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Now with a flashlight! Overview of the capacious power bank Asometech at 30000 mAh

An interesting power bank fell into my hands. It is unusual not with a capacity of 30000mah, which is not surprising now, but with a built-in LED panel for wide low beam. Nonsense and an optional appendage exactly until the... Read more

Nothing hides in the dark! Overview of the Wi-Fi external surveillance camera Hiper IoT Cam CX3 with a spotlight

Hiper has released a WiFi camera designed for external surveillance, which not only reacts to movements, has night illumination, sends notifications to a smartphone and records responses to a memory card, but can also illuminate the surveillance area with a... Read more

Xiaomi Powerbank Mi power 3 Pro: an indispensable travel companion for your electronics

In today’s world, filled with all kinds of electronics that constantly require charging, it is very difficult to keep track of everything. Headphones – need to be charged, watches – need to be charged, phone – of course, electronic cigarettes.... Read more

2K screen, Intel Alder Lake, GeForce RTX 2050 and 32 GB of RAM. Introduced inexpensive laptop Lenovo ThinkPad Neo 14

Lenovo introduced the ThinkPad Neo 14 laptop, which bears some resemblance to the ThinkBook 14p. As the name suggests, the ThinkPad Neo 14 features a 14-inch display. Its resolution is 2K with an aspect ratio of 16:10. Its design differs... Read more