Accident in the Rivne region with 17 dead: everything that is known about the terrible accident

In the Rivne region on Tuesday, May 3, a regular bus, a mini-car and a fuel truck collided.

As a result of a large-scale accident , 17 people died , 12 more were injured of varying severity and were hospitalized. has collected everything that is now known about the terrible accident.

Causes of an accident

The accident occurred at about 19:20 near the village of Sytne, Dubno district, Rivne region. At 20:13 the fire caused by the accident was localized, and at 20:35 it was eliminated.

It was previously established that the driver of the Mercedes Vito minibus drove into the oncoming lane. There he collided with a Mercedes truck carrying a tank of fuel.

From the impact, the fuel truck drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a Neoplan passenger bus. After the collision, the truck drove into a ditch, where it exploded a moment later. A bus and a minibus were also destroyed by fire.

National police of the Rivne region

Traffic on the Kyiv-Chop highway in this section is completely blocked. Patrolmen organized a detour of transport.

The bus was carrying people from Kharkov

According to preliminary information, the bus was sent by “Kharkiv-Zgorzelec” (Poland). It carried 35 passengers.


According to the State Emergency Service, 17 dead are currently known. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his video message noted that there could be more victims.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko said that police investigators found 27 remains of the dead. The 27th is the deceased minibus driver, who, according to the preliminary version, became the culprit of the tragedy.


According to Gerashchenko, only 12 of the 38 passengers on the bus survived. The driver of the fuel tanker survived, but is in critical condition.

The head of the Rivne OVA reported 12 victims. They were taken to hospitals in the cities of Rivne (those in the most serious condition), Dubno and Radivilov.

The largest road accident in Ukraine over the past decade

Anton Gerashchenko called the accident in the Rivne region “the biggest tragedy on the roads of Ukraine over the past decade.”

Earlier it was reported that in Poland a bus with Ukrainians took off from the highway and fell into the lake , there is a victim.

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