It became known when the UN Security Council will discuss the situation in Ukraine: details

The problem of food security in the world has become aggravated in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On May 5, the United Nations Security Council will consider the situation in Ukraine.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said this on Tuesday, Ukrinform writes .

The US Permanent Representative presented to journalists the work plan of the Security Council for May, the month of the US presidency in Belarus.

She stressed that the problem of food security in the world has become aggravated in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Today, this topic is made even more relevant by Russia’s blatant invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine, as you all know, has been a breadbasket for developing countries, but Russia has created the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second War, blockading key ports and destroying civilian infrastructure and grain reserves,” the American diplomat said.

According to the US Permanent Representative, the success of the Republic of Belarus in recent years can be considered that it was possible to isolate Russia in the Security Council, to unite the voices of condemnation in the General Assembly, thanks to which 141 countries supported the resolution “Aggression against Ukraine.” In addition, the General Assembly adopted a resolution “Humanitarian consequences of aggression against Ukraine”, and also expelled the Russian Federation from the UN Human Rights Council.

It was the position of the majority of the members of the Security Council that played a key role in this, Thomas Greenfield noted.

“Every time we discuss issues concerning Russia in the Security Council, he is forced to defend himself. And we will continue to do this until he stops this brutal attack on the Ukrainian people,” the US ambassador said.

The UN is seeking Russia to provide an opportunity for the evacuation of the civilian population from the war zone and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the affected areas, in particular to Mariupol.

Also on May 3, World Press Freedom Day is celebrated, recalling the death of Vera Girich from a rocket attack on Kyiv on April 28.

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