Now with a flashlight! Overview of the capacious power bank Asometech at 30000 mAh

An interesting power bank fell into my hands. It is unusual not with a capacity of 30000mah, which is not surprising now, but with a built-in LED panel for wide low beam. Nonsense and an optional appendage exactly until the moment when there is no outlet nearby or current in it. That is, exactly when you use the bank. Then this power bank with a flashlight turns out to be much more practical than conventional power banks without flashlights.


Packaging and appearance

Frankly inexpensive, but not a basement package. Nothing in particular to complain about.

Inside is the usual set of the power bank itself, a charging cable and a useless piece of paper

Outwardly, this power bank does not stand out from other black bricks.

Here is a small set. 10000mah, 20000mah, review hero and its competitor from goffi with the same capacity.

It can be seen that Asometech is shorter, but at the same time thicker.

So, there are differences. The first is a pseudo-leather loop. I don’t presume to judge how useful it really is, but at least it doesn’t get in the way and is done neatly. Rather, it’s still a plus.

The second distinguishing feature that really surprised me, and pleasantly surprised at the same time, is the LED panel on the back. It is a pity that the brightness is not adjustable and that the light is cold. But the brightness and how it is is quite enough to illuminate the table. Here, just at the corners of the power bank, lugs would be useful so that you can hang it horizontally above the table.

Taking into account the colossal capacity and low brightness, there will be enough light, for rent, for at least a month !

The flashlight is turned on by holding the side button for a long time.

The indicator remains the same as in other models. It would be great if he also showed the discharge current. However, I am sure that for the vast majority of users this is generally insignificant. When fast charging is connected, the green lightning icon lights up. I used this powerful 100 watt charger.

The set of connectors is quite standard, they are quite enough.


2*USB-A 5v*4.5A, 9v*2A, 12v*1.5A (22.5W)

20W USB-C PD 5v*3a, 9v*2.2a, 12.5v*1.67A 20W

Entrance: ‘

20W USB-C PD 5v*3a, 9v*2.2a, 12.5v*1.67A

18W micro-USB QC 5v*3a, 9v*2a, 12.5v*1.5A

Capacity and charging protocol test

With charging protocols, everything is fine. What they promise is what we see.

I remind you that even though 30000mah is indicated everywhere, then 111 watt * h should flow in.

Why? Nothing tricky.

So, 117 watt * h are poured in. This is more than stated, and this is normal, given the losses.

But we are interested in what will be on the discharge.

And here we have the following, 93 and 87 watt * hours for 10 and 20 watts of discharge, respectively. Again, the fact that less than the declared capacity is drained is also normal due to the mentioned voltage increase losses.

The power bank does not sag, as is often the case.

General impressions

30000mah powerbank, as I mentioned at the beginning, is a very convenient size. This is not yet an outright brick like some 50000mah model. It is non-critical for carrying in a backpack differs in size from a 20000mah power bank, while having half the capacity. I am similar in price difference. Here the 30000mah power bank is at the optimal point, when it is no longer frankly budget, but also sets a toad on your neck.

The capacity is also optimal, which is enough for a couple of people for the same weekend trip somewhere. It will be possible to charge the tablet once or twice and phones a couple of times. If you have some simple and inexpensive 10-20w solar panel (for example, this one ), then everything becomes absolutely wonderful.

By the way, if you are interested, here is a review of the real apocalypse power bank, the largest power bank that I have ever seen. Suffice it to say that this portable power station has a 2kW output…

As for Asometech, I don’t have any significant complaints about the functionality of this power bank. He has quite a fair capacity. Its indicator does not lie (there was a precedent), but it would not hurt to display current and voltage. And then the power…

And, why play up, there are a lot of power banks with such a capacity on the market. But! Here Asometech has a unique selling proposition in the form of a flashlight on the back. And since I have been reviewing flashlights for many years ( here , for example, the largest in the world), this topic is extremely close and interesting to me.

Powerbank is a device for autonomy and you use it when there is no access to the outlet or when there is one, but there is no electricity in it. And then such a appendage can be of great help, giving you, in addition to energy for charging, a fairly decent light in terms of brightness.

It was just for the latter that it was great, as I said, to make eyelets for suspension in the corners. If desired, it can now be hung, but it will not be so convenient.

In short, I am satisfied with the bank, at least at such a brief overview level. It’s amazing that such a small brand as Asometech has done something fundamentally new, which is not in the power banks of large manufacturers.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy this power bank in the manufacturer’s official store on aliexpress

And you can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block

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