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Hello everyone, dear readers. Recently, I began to actively monitor my weight. To do this, I needed high-quality floor scales. I found them very quickly, thanks for that heavenly. They turned out to be the budget bathroom scales from Xiaomi, the Smart Scale 2 model. This review will be about them.


platform material Glass
Colour White
Type Electronic
Maximum load 150 kg
Value of division 50 g
Measurement error 50 g
Measurement in kilograms There is
Measurement in pounds There is
Auto on/off There is
Overload indicator There is
Backlit display There is
Nutrition 3 x AAA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 280 x 280 x 22 mm
Producing country China

Packaging and appearance

Currently, I only have the scales left, since I did not save the packaging, but I can say for sure that there was a fixing box inside the box, and the scales themselves were in a protective matte bag. The cardboard was quite dense, which increased the integrity of the goods during transportation from China. Also included was an instruction in Chinese, but it was not much needed, since this device is quite simple and intuitive.

In this case, I bought a device according to their design. Externally, the scales look very simple, but at the same time, this minimalism gives a certain style inherent in Xiaomi. It seems to me that such a device will perfectly fit into any interior of the room. The front side is made of fairly durable white tempered glass, in the middle of which is the Mi logo. Separately, I want to note the digital display, which turns on when you press the surface, after weighing it automatically turns off. The numbers are illuminated with a pleasant white light and are perfectly visible both in the daytime and at night.

The glass of the device does not slip, you can safely put them in the bathroom. The shape of the scales is a square with rounded corners, which makes them safer and more convenient to use.

The lower part is made of matte white ABS plastic. At the corners there are four rubberized pads that do not slip and fix the device very well on any floor surface. Also at the bottom there is a special compartment for batteries or AAA batteries in the amount of three pieces. The lid of this tray is fixed and opens with little effort, but better than loose fasteners. Batteries were not included in the kit, you have to buy your own, but I don’t consider this a minus.

When the batteries need to be replaced, the indicator on the scale display (L) will come on. Also, if the measurement readings exceeded 150 kg, a special indicator will work.


Like many models, these scales work very simply, you only need a flat surface. You will be very surprised, but you need to stand on the device and your weight will be displayed on a special display.

Scales can be used both with the usual function of weighing body weight, and expand all the functionality using the Zepp Life application. It is necessary to synchronize the device with your smartphone, for this the scales are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. The Zepp Life application tracks your activity, evaluates the progress of training and analyzes the quality of your sleep. In our case, we need to create a profile and enter our details.

After the first weighing, the program will calculate your body index, as well as by analyzing data on height, body fat, water, muscle mass and other indicators. Another interesting function of scales is “Balance”. Standing on the device with one foot with your eyes closed, you can check your balance.

The scale remembers every weighing and when connected to a smartphone, it will display all the old data. For convenience, the device can create different profiles for all members of your family (up to 16 users). Thus, everyone will be able to track the dynamics of their body weight.

Where can I buy?

You can buy smart floor scales Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 on AliExpress

Newer device models can be bought on Aliexpress


I really liked the design, quality and accuracy of the device. If you want to keep yourself in good shape, these scales are a great option. The functionality is great, everyone can figure it out. The only negative is the lack of batteries, but for the price of the device it’s a trifle. Summing up, I want to note the following that Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 scales will be a great addition to your home, and they will also be a cool gift. I was satisfied with the purchase. Scales perfectly cope with the tasks for which they were made, even more.

Thanks to everyone who read the review to the end. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments when asking questions about scales. Also go to my profile, where you will find reviews on other interesting technical devices.

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