Still in the womb, and already immigrants: Dnepropetrovsk region has become a center for receiving pregnant women from hot regions

112 babies have already been born in the Dnipropetrovsk region, all of them have become internally displaced persons in the womb. Three hundred more babies are waiting to be born.

Catherine fled from the Donbass, where the enemy mercilessly attacked the cities. She managed to leave just before the next shelling. What to give birth in the Dnieper, a few months ago and could not imagine. And now here he listens to the beat of his son’s heart, according to TSN .

“I just sit and wait for the appearance of my miracle and that’s it. I dream that all this will end and return home to myself. You want safety first and foremost. And confidence in the future,” says Katya.

Her neighbor in the maternity hospital barely survived the massive shelling in her native village near Izyum. “There was everything, and then once – and there is nothing. You have two children in your arms and one more under your heart – the eldest Ira and the youngest Kira. They are also worried about their mother, and something can happen to their brother, ”the woman says.

After the experience, Victoria Revyakina found out that her unborn son had heart problems. Because of the occupation of the village, she could not get to the doctor for two months. But she is already glad that she did not lose her life and family at all. “They were sitting in a hole. It began to rattle so that shells exploded three hundred meters from us. The bombing did not stop, we jumped out of this hole in what we were. I threw the kids, my husband threw me in the car. And we just left. We didn’t know where, how, what, ”recalls Victoria.

Already in the Dnieper, doctors gave hope: there are chances to save the baby. The woman is finally under the constant supervision of doctors. Such as it in the local family health center since the beginning of the large-scale invasion has increased by a third. “Of course, the situation does not affect the physical condition of such patients in the best way. We have two psychologists working,” they say in the institution.

Pregnant women from any region of Ukraine are encouraged to seek help, even if all medical documents are lost.

“I want to assure all pregnant women that they must remain calm. You will be examined, interviewed, the gestational age will be determined, and additional examinations will be carried out. Ultrasound or tests that are missing. And you will also be registered as you were before. And you will give birth, don’t worry, ”says Elena Rybka, chief specialist of the regional Department of Health.

Help is completely free, doctors say. There are stocks of medicine in the Dnepropetrovsk region. So here they are ready to do everything to help little Ukrainians to be born.

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