Beautiful Carrie: 10 interesting facts about the wife of a friend of Ukraine – Boris Johnson

Carrie Johnson (nee Symonds) is the third wife of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the mother of his two children. We decided to collect the most interesting facts about the 34-year-old wife of a politician who supports Ukraine so much.

1. Carrie Symonds was born on March 17, 1988 to Matthew Symonds, co-founder of The Independent, and Josephine McAfee (née Lawrence), a lawyer who works for the same newspaper.

2. Prior to her marriage to Boris Johnson, she was an environmental activist and remains a senior advisor to ocean conservation charity Oceana.

Carrie and Boris Johnson / Associated Press

3. Her paternal grandfather was John Bevan, Baron Ardwick (who briefly worked as editor of the Daily Herald and later became a Labor MEP in the 1970s), and her paternal grandmother was Ann Symonds, a World Service journalist. BBC. Carrie herself worked as a media spokesperson for the Conservative Party (of which her Boris is the leader) before her marriage to Johnson.

Carrie and Boris Johnson / Associated Press

4. Carrie graduated from the University of Warwick in 2009, where she studied art history and theater studies. In the same year, the girl joined the Conservative Party as a public relations officer and worked at the party’s headquarters, and then worked on campaigning for Boris Johnson in the 2010 mayoral election.

Carrie Johnson / Associated Press

5. Carrie has also served as Special Media Adviser to Conservative Cabinet Ministers Sajid Javid (Minister for Communities, Local Government and Housing) and John Whittingdale (Minister for Culture, Media and Sports). And in 2018, she became the head of public relations of the Conservative Party, but soon left the position (it was reported that the party leaders were dissatisfied with the work of the girl and asked her to leave). Carrie began work in the same position at Oceana, the largest international non-profit organization dedicated solely to the restoration and conservation of the oceans.

Carrie Johnson / Associated Press

6. When Carrie was 19 years old, she was sexually harassed by taxi driver John Warboys, who one evening drove the girl home from a nightclub. Symonds became one of his victims (it was assumed that the man pumped the girl with alcohol and unknown substances, after which she lost consciousness at home).

Carrie Johnson / Associated Press

7. Prior to her relationship with Boris Johnson, Carrie had an affair with British political journalist Harry Cole. With Johnson, then foreign secretary, the affair began in 2018, when Boris was still married to his second wife, Marina Wheeler. It is believed that their marriage broke up not at all because of Carrie, but because of the appearance in 2009 of Johnson’s illegitimate daughter from Helen McIntyre, who worked as an art critic.

Boris and Carrie Johnson / Associated Press

8. In 2019, Carrie and Boris officially moved into an apartment above 11 Downing Street. Symonds became the first unmarried partner of the Prime Minister to live in Downing Street. And in February 2020, the couple announced their engagement. On April 29, 2020, their first child, son Wilfred, was born . On December 9, 2021, the couple had a daughter, Romi. Between these two pregnancies, Carrie suffered a miscarriage, which she spoke about publicly.

Carrie Johnson / Associated Press

9. Boris and Carrie got married in between the birth of two children – May 29, 2021 at a secret ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Their wedding was attended by 30 guests, among whom were relatives and close friends. The wedding photographs were taken in the garden at 10 Downing Street. Down the aisle, Carrie wore a $4,000 Costarellos white lace dress with floral appliqué and bell sleeves.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiancee Carrie Symonds/Getty Images

Her hair was styled in beautiful ringlets and adorned with a wreath of white flowers. In the garden, Symonds posed barefoot. Carrie is 24 years younger than Boris.

Carrie and Boris Johnson / Associated Press

10. Carrie Johnson (she took her husband’s last name after the wedding) is considered smart and charming in political circles. BBC political commentator Rob Watson once said of Carrie: “We had lunch with her a couple of years ago. She is like other politicians of her generation: smart, charming, attractive and very good at communicating with people.” So it’s not at all surprising that the beautiful and smart Carrie caught the attention of the charismatic Boris Johnson.

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