Football player Andriy Yarmolenko donated an ambulance to the Chernihiv hospital that suffered from the occupiers

A new reanimobile for the city hospital of Chernihiv – such charitable assistance was received by doctors thanks to the British and Ukrainian foundation, which helped the initiator and sponsor of the purchase of an ambulance – football player Andriy Yarmolenko.

With a full tank of fuel and a full cabin of medicines – this is how an ambulance travels from distant Wales to Ukraine, according to TSN .

Almost two thousand kilometers to Ukraine alone, and another 750 to Chernihiv. The British doctor Aled Jones undertook to bring the car, he spent three days behind the wheel. “War is terrible, and what is happening in Ukraine also hurts us in the UK, so I agreed to deliver the car,” says the volunteer.

He was expected in one of the city hospitals in Chernihiv, which has an outdated fleet of vehicles. “Until now, we have ambulances, which are mainly produced on the chassis of gazelles, they are tough,” the doctors say.

And here – a modern suspension, a lift for people on a stretcher, the ability to equip the cabin with a variety of special equipment, which before that fast medical facilities did not have.

This hospital suffered from enemy shelling. The first charge damaged the entrance to the institution, the second hit the walls and windows of the hospital, and the third hit the building with expensive equipment. “Here, the CT scanner suffered. To a lesser extent, but the X-ray is also damaged … ”, the doctors show.

Then, for good and a miracle – no victims. But during the Russian invasion, when Chernihiv was surrounded, people were brought here every day. There were days when the number of patients reached six hundred people.

Therefore, the ambulance, the initiator and sponsor of the purchase of which was the Ukrainian football player Andriy Yarmolenko, is super needed here. “Now the city is dilapidated, many Chernihiv residents need our help. Many people know me as an athlete who defends the honor of the country on the field, but first of all I am a citizen of the state defending my independence, and I care about the fate of my compatriots, ”says the footballer.

In order not to go empty, the British and Ukrainian funds, which were engaged in the search and purchase of the car, filled it with a variety of medicines for Chernihiv hospitals.

But Aled Jones, he also took it upon himself and began to teach the intricacies of the work of the driver of the ambulance, and suddenly something is not clear, the British doctor will be there – he asked to stay here as a volunteer for a week. Chernihiv doctors hesitated at first, but when an English-speaking colleague was found among them, they agreed.

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