It became known who will become the new commander of the NATO Joint Armed Forces in Europe.

The handover ceremony is expected to take place in the summer.

US General Christopher Cavoli will become the next Supreme Commander of NATO’s Joint Armed Forces in Europe and he will replace Tod Walters in this post.

Ukrinform writes about this with reference to NATO.

“NATO’s North Atlantic Council has announced the appointment of General Christopher Cavoli, United States Army Forces, Supreme Allied Commander Europe. General Cavoli now serves as the commander of the US military in Africa, ”the message says.

Following the completion of the confirmation process, General Cavoli will accept the appointment as the successor to General Todd Walters of the US Air Force. The handover ceremony is expected to take place this summer at the Headquarters of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (Mons, Belgium).

General Tod Walters was appointed to the post in May 2019.

Recall that Poland will not support any peace agreement on the surrender of Ukraine to Russia.

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