Minivacuum misunderstanding

Everything that could be done badly in this mini-vacuum cleaner is done just like that.

On the pictures in the store, this product looks like a real vacuum cleaner, but this is deceptive. It is enough to take it in your hands and realize the size. 🙂

Despite the outward resemblance to vacuum cleaners with a cyclone, there is no cyclone here – the dust is simply sucked into the container in the center, and the air is filtered by an accordion filter similar to HEPA.

From the pictures it seems that the filter is fixed on the body and you can simply remove the container and pour out the dust, but no matter how: there is no fastening on the body and the filter is simply inserted into the container, in order to pour out the dust you need to pull it out.

The container is tiny, only enough to collect the crumbs from the table. The filter will get dusty very quickly. I do not know if it can be washed and it is not known whether spare parts are sold somewhere.

The LED, supposedly made for illumination, shines so weakly that it does not illuminate anything. The charging connector is non-standard – you can use only the cable that comes with the kit.

I measured the suction power with the Vacuum Meter (my post about it here ). The scales showed 70 grams, which is six times less than a conventional cordless vacuum cleaner at medium power.


In general, not a vacuum cleaner, but a misunderstanding. 🙂

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