Nasum CX-ED01 cordless saw review: 6”, brushless motor, automatic lubrication

There is a forced chain lubrication, automatic power adjustment depending on the load, a brushless motor paired with a bevel gear creates a high torque, so you can cut branches to the full depth of 6″ without any problems. The capacity of the complete battery is 3Ah, standard size “Makita”.

Unpacking and assembly

Comes in a bright box, you can read the characteristics on the side

The kit includes the saw itself, a 6″ blade, a chain, a protective cover, a screwdriver for assembly, one battery and a charger with a CN plug

A protection flag was placed next to the start button; to start the engine, you need to reject it with your thumb down or up. A little higher is the web fixing mechanism, which does not require a special tool. On the reverse side there is a filler neck of the lubrication system, it holds about 30 ml of oil, this volume is enough to work until the battery is completely discharged

The saw is assembled easily, first we completely unscrew the latch and remove the side cover, the pressure plate in it is metal, this is good. Pay attention to the seal of the lubrication system, the rubber must be in place, otherwise the oil will not enter the corresponding hole in the canvas. I usually throw the chain on the guide and then throw the free section on the gear, the main thing here is to put the canvas in place and not miss the tensioner. You can install the side cover in place and tighten the latch a little so that the guide does not hang out

Immediately put the chain cover. If you dig into the box, you can find another package with the elements necessary for its installation, as well as a spare gasket. We put the spring in place, slightly pull the free end and fix it in the groove in the housing, I used one washer from the outside, the screw does not need to be pulled with force so as not to pinch the structure, it will not unscrew itself. Next, you need to tighten the chain with a screwdriver using the screw on the end, tighten it without fanaticism, you need to eliminate the sagging and turn literally another third of a turn, this should be enough. Tighten the blade fastener normally

The 5S2P battery is a common Makita size, the declared capacity is 3Ah, there is also a 5.5mm charging connector at the top. The complete charger is very light, there are two indicators on the front side, the battery is inserted in the same way as in the tool and is held securely, the charge current is 1.5A

When ready to use, the saw weighs 2.1kg

By the way, the instruction here is quite sensible, it is written both how to assemble and how to use it so that the user is not left without fingers at the first use.

Who cares, click on the spoiler

From it, I learned that the indicator at the bottom is able to not only glow

  • Lit: Standby or idle
  • Flashing: “automatic transmission” is active
  • Triple blink: RPM stays below 4000 rpm for a long time, auto-recovery
  • Constantly fast flashing: RPM below 2000, auto-recovery
  • Flashing 4 times: The controller is over 90°C
  • Five times: battery recharge(>22V)
  • 7 times: battery over discharge( <13.5V )
  • The controller also goes into protection at a current above 40A.

We finished with the theory, tightened the chain, filled in the oil, which means it’s time to move on to the most interesting. Cuts small branches like a knife through butter. Didn’t increase video speed

I found a more massive sample, the material is cherry. If you do not lean, cuts the entire length of the blade without biting

If you rush, protection periodically works, and overall performance drops

145 millimeters with a working blade length of 150mm, pretty good

During operation, there is indeed an auto-correction of power, when cutting thin branches, the saw worked at “idle”, and when the turn came to large ones, the speed increased and decreased depending on the load on the chain. Made a short video to demonstrate

As I wrote above, the lubricant is enough for a full charge of the battery, so it is enough to add it every time after charging, so as not to get confused. Be careful during the first “pumping”. Fortunately, I immediately thought of putting on a casing and laying a garbage bag on the floor, otherwise not very beautiful patterns could appear on the walls. For example, the trace that remained on the sink a second after turning it on. During normal operation, there are no such excesses, but sawdust actively sticks to the case in places and you have to wipe it to maintain a presentable appearance


Where without the inner world. First you need to remove the gear, after which you can unscrew the screws and split the case in half

The controller is hidden in the “leg” in an aluminum case, the start button is single-position

The engine is really brushless, massive, the gearbox is conical, the moment gives out more than the planetary one in saws of similar size, and this is increased power and increased battery life. Lubrication could have been more. And here is the oil pump hidden at the top, the drive is mechanical, the flow is adjusted depending on the speed, everything is as it should be

I also dismantled the battery, it has already become a habit to test the complete ones and immediately redo it if everything is really bad. It became interesting what kind of output to “LED” is, apparently, you can connect a charge level indicator here. There is a temperature sensor, the marking of the elements does not tell me anything, this is clearly not Samsung

I disassembled it after the saw “complained” about the low voltage level, at a current of 1.5A, about 2850mAh was flooded like a regular charger, but judging the capacity by the charge is bad manners, so I connected the battery to the electronic load, set a maximum of 20A, but because . EBD-20 rests on the ceiling of 200W, it turned out 10-15A and cutoff at 14V. Got 2881mAh or 52.6Wh, good result

I monitored the heating of the elements, everything is fine here, although in a closed case the temperature will be slightly higher

There is nothing interesting in the charger, the classic filling, just the indicator was divided into two windows and made a convenient platform for installing the main contacts instead of the 5.5mm connector. During charging, the red diode is on, at the end the green one lights up


The creators of this model took into account many aspects to distinguish it from competitors of similar cost.

Few people are surprised by a brushless motor now, but this assembly, paired with a normal gearbox, develops power that is enough to comfortably cut wood for the entire length of a 6 “tire without forcing the mechanism

Forced lubrication usually appears on models from $ 100, and I have not seen automatic power control at all before, which is a pretty good solution that saves battery power on thin branches or pliable material and squeezes the maximum out of it only when it is needed.

The complete battery is also surprisingly good, the form factor is common, the capacity corresponds to the declared one, it holds high currents well, even in the grinder, which “eats” like crazy, feels fine

Now in the RU warehouse the price tag has been raised from $77 to $83 , but in CN for the patient, on the contrary, they have lowered it to $59.95 , which is very humane for such a kit, because. a battery with similar characteristics alone costs at least $30 check the current price

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