Overview of the steam generator (iron) Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam

A distinctive feature of this elegant 2600 W boiler steam generator model is the Smart heat soleplate technology for even heat distribution. The features of the device also include the outsole coating – Pro 5 Ceramic. The five-layer ceramic coating is designed to provide a particularly easy glide over all kinds of fabrics.

Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam is equipped with five temperature settings, Steam Boost Pro for the most unruly and difficult fabrics, as well as dry ironing and vertical steaming. Sounds like he’s perfect. Let’s consider the functionality of the device in more detail, conduct a series of tests and find out if this is so.


Manufacturer Polaris
Model PSS 9090K Turbo Steam
Type boiler steam generator
Country of Origin China
Warranty 3 years
Life time* 3 years
Declared power 2600 W
Control type sensory
Case color white/mocha/black
Tank volume 1.7 l
Storage tank removable
Material plastic
Outsole material ceramic coating Pro 5 Ceramic
Steam pressure 9 bar
Steam power 160 g/min
steam boost 600 g/min
Steam regulation there is
Vertical steam there is
Dry ironing there is
Steaming there is
Auto power off there is
Indication LED
Steam hose length 1.6 m
Power cord length 1.8 m
Iron weight 0.95 kg
Instrument weight 4.18 kg
Instrument dimensions (W×H×D) 20×30×35 cm
Weight of packing 5.95 kg
Packing dimensions (W×H×D) 46.4×27×40 cm
average price

* Contrary to common misconception, this is not the period after which the device will definitely break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam came to us for testing packed in two boxes at once. The first, shipping box made of thick brown cardboard contains information about the manufacturer, dimensions and dimensions of the device, as well as a schematic representation of the device and the full name of the model. The second, ceremonial package with full-color printing is designed in the corporate style of the company. On a black and gray background are large photographs of the steam generator in all its glory, a description of the main advantages of the model and a three-year warranty icon.

In the box, the steam generator is tightly fixed with two foam inserts and additionally packed in polyethylene. The package is not equipped with a carrying handle. The Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam kit includes: a steam station with an iron attached to it and accompanying documentation in the form of instructions and a warranty card.

At first sight

The beautiful case of the steam generator is made of durable glossy plastic. Due to the calm coloring and conciseness of the design as a whole, the device will easily fit into any modern interior and decorate the space.

The design of the Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam is traditional for steam generators, it consists of a base (base) with a boiler and an iron connected to it with a steam hose.

The base of the steam generator or, as it is also called, the steam station, has a beveled shape. In the front part, where the removable boiler is located, it lifts up, due to which the iron is kept on the platform at an angle. In the bow, the iron is fixed with a special lock in the form of a rotating plate. Thus, by locking the iron on the base, you can carry the appliance by holding the handle of the iron. The weight of the base with an iron and an empty boiler is 3.86 kg.

At the back of the case is a control panel with an LED display. To the left of it is the junction of the base with the steam supply hose, and to the right there is a 1.8 m power cord. There is a compartment for storing the cord along the perimeter of the base.

There is a screw-on drain plug under the control panel. It will be needed when carrying out procedures for caring for the device.

At the bottom of the steam station there are four rubberized legs, ventilation holes, and two stickers: a barcode with a serial number and a label with technical information.

The removable water tank with a volume of 1.7 liters is made of translucent matte plastic, which will allow you to monitor the amount of water inside. On the front side of the boiler there is a mark about the maximum water level.

At the very bottom of the tank there is a recess with a button to disconnect the tank. The boiler is easily disconnected and just as easily put back into place until a characteristic click. The diameter of the hole for adding water is 4.5 cm.

The classically shaped iron weighs 950 g. The steam button is located on the inside of the handle. There are no indicators on the iron, they are all located on the control panel. The junction of the steam hose with the iron is protected by a flexible 7 cm casing.

The platform for placing the iron is made of heat-resistant plastic and is equipped with three rubber inserts.

The iron on the platform is kept in a stationary state due to the alignment of the protrusion in the lower part of the base, which plays the role of a stop, with a small recess in the iron itself. The shape of the iron does not allow it to be placed on an ironing board in a vertical position.

The ceramic coating of the sole of the Pro 5 Ceramic is perfectly smooth, we did not find any nicks or scratches. The steam outlets are located in recesses along the perimeter of the sides of the sole.

The materials from which the steam generator is made look of high quality, all parts and parts of the device are tightly connected to each other. The build quality is very neat.


The Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam User Manual is published as a glossy magazine, only slightly smaller – 20×20 cm. The dense pages of the 87-page full-color brochure contain complete information about the device in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh.

The text in Russian, supplemented by photographs and bright drawings, takes up a third of the instructions. The font is quite large, the chapters of the manual go in a logical sequence, and thanks to the table of contents, it is easy to navigate the text. Every aspect of the device operation is described in the most detailed way. It is worth noting that even before the start of operation of the steam generator, having picked up the box, then twisted the device itself in our hands and leafed through the instructions, we already got a very pleasant impression of the Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam. Let’s move on to testing and see how the device will be in action.


The Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam steam generator is controlled using a touch panel located at the rear of the steam station. After plugging into a power outlet, the instrument beeps and the power button indicator flashes on the display. Pressing this button turns the device on and off.

There are three buttons and four indicators on the panel:

  • on/off button
  • Smart Temp button
  • Boost Steam Pro function button
  • temperature indicator
  • steam function indicator
  • water shortage indicator
  • self-cleaning function indicator

The user is offered the following scenarios:

  • Smart temp – let’s call this function basic, it is suitable for all types of fabrics for which ironing is allowed in principle, normal steam is available, but no steam boost
  • 4 power modes – more fine-tuning depending on the material being processed (recommendations for choosing a mode can be found in the instructions)
  • Boost Steam Pro (steam boost) – the highest volume and intensity of steam, suitable for processing dense and overdried materials, works in all modes except Smart temp and Dry ironing
  • Dry ironing – the device works like a regular iron, without steam
  • Vertical steam – for ironing clothes hanging on hangers or curtains on the eaves, works in any of the modes except Dry ironing

So, after turning on the steam generator, the button with the thermometer icon is activated first of all, this is Smart temp. Scrolling through the modes with this button will be accompanied by a visual indication. The indicator of the selected mode will start flashing, and as soon as the device has heated up to the required temperature, it will burn steadily – which means you can start working.

To activate Boost Steam Pro, simply click on the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the panel. The indicator also blinks, and as soon as the device is ready, it will stop.

In order to understand the simple operation of the Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam, we only needed to carefully read the instructions once, everything turned out to be quite simple.


The only thing that is recommended in the instructions to do before using the appliance for the first time is to make sure that the soleplate of the iron and the steam outlets are clean – we made sure that our copy was perfectly clean right out of the box. Therefore, we did not wash and wipe anything, but simply installed the steam generator on the table, filled the boiler with water to the maximum mark and connected it to the mains.

Management turned out to be simple: after reading the instructions and pressing all the buttons for a minute, it was not difficult to figure it out. The buttons respond quickly and clearly to light touches.

The design of the steam generator is estimated by us as reliable and safe. The device is stable on the surface, and the iron is firmly held on the platform. During operation, no parts of the appliance become hot. Speaking of safety: the steam generator, forgotten on the ironing board, turns off after 10 minutes.

The iron is comfortable, the steam button is pressed easily and falls exactly under the index finger. Smooth sole with ceramic coating glides easily over any fabric. The weight of the iron is average and becomes noticeable only when steaming vertically, but since the steam power allows you to process the fabric quite quickly, the hand does not have time to get tired.

The removable boiler is removed and installed back into the body of the device without problems, the hole for adding water has an optimal diameter. Translucent matte plastic of the boiler allows you to monitor the level of remaining water. The indicator on the control panel will also remind you to replenish supplies.

The steam generator with a full boiler heats up to maximum temperature even faster than expected – in just 1 minute 15 seconds. 1.7 liters was enough for us for 1 hour 10 minutes of active steaming.

Steam at any temperature mode comes out in an even powerful stream, without delay, both with horizontal and vertical steaming. The steam boost function fully justifies its name – there is no chance for serious creases on overdried clothes. We did not see any leaks of the iron and drops of water on the fabric or around the device during the entire testing period.


After each use, the remaining water in the tank must be poured out. In order not to shorten the life of the appliance, it is recommended to use distilled or pre-filtered water.

The manufacturer recommends regularly (after two or three cycles) to clean the device by draining accumulated scale and sediment. A special indicator on the control panel will also remind you of this by flashing. The procedure is as follows: a dish with a capacity of at least 350 ml is placed under the drain plug at the back of the base, then the plug is unscrewed and the water leaves the compartment. Of course, before you start draining the water, you must make sure that the device is disconnected from the mains. There are no further instructions on how to care for the steam generator in the instructions.

Our measurements

The maximum power consumption of the Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam was 2322 W. In standby mode – 0.5 W.

Heating to the maximum temperature (Max mode) occurs in 1 minute 15 seconds. We measured the temperature of the sole immediately after the end of heating in all available modes. Depending on the measurement point on the sole, the temperature was:

  • Smart temp: 118-126°C
  • mode 1 (dry ironing): 90-105 °C
  • mode 2: 110-137°C
  • mode 3: 155-200°C
  • mode 4: 169-222°C

The automatic shutdown function worked, as stated in the instructions, exactly 10 minutes later.

During heating, the device hisses softly. After reaching the operating temperature, when you press the button, you can already hear a powerful hiss of escaping steam. The beeps that indicate readiness for work and accompany pressing the buttons on the control panel are not loud, soft and not annoying.

practice tests

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam, we conducted a series of tests with products from various fabrics in different modes and tested all levels of steam supply:

  • printed T-shirt (Smart temp, vertical steam)
  • linen and cotton kitchen towel (medium power)
  • jeans (maximum power mode)
  • knitted jumper (medium power mode)
  • organza (minimum power mode, dry ironing)
  • bed linen (medium power mode, steam boost)

T-shirt with print

In this test, we tried the Smart temp vertical steam mode.

Pulling the fabric with his free hand from below, he carried the iron close to the material, constantly pressing the steam supply button. 3 minutes and the T-shirt was ready. Despite the fact that the product was processed from the front side, the print was not damaged.

Result: excellent.

Linen cotton blend kitchen towel

The crumpled overdried towel was processed at medium power. The steam button was almost never released.

The complex fabric straightened out with lightning speed, there were no creases left, the canvas was slightly damp, but no traces of water were found.

Result: excellent.


The best way to test the power of steam and provide visual proof of the effectiveness of the appliance is with jeans. Especially if the jeans after washing were overdried in a twisted form on the radiator to such a state that they could well stand in the corner without outside help.

We set the steam power to maximum and started processing the fabric. The steam coming out of the nozzles of the iron rather quickly straightened the stiff wrinkled fabric and brought the product into full order. We walked through the most serious creases twice, but basically one movement of the iron back and forth was enough.

Result: excellent.

Knitted jumper

After consulting the label on the jumper and the table with recommendations for choosing the mode, we set the average power. Steam was not used constantly, periodically.

The fabric straightened and steamed quickly, one pass of the iron was enough.

Result: excellent.


Delicate fabric requires a special approach and we decided to try dry ironing on it. We switched the device to the “no steam” mode and started ironing.

The material straightened quickly, and even folded in half, it was easy to iron.

To achieve perfect smoothness, it was not necessary to run the sole of the iron over creases more than one or two times.

Result: excellent.


And for dessert, we left the test using the Boost Steam Pro function (steam boost). To begin with, we gave a neat look to a pillowcase made from a mixture of cotton and lyocell. It is usually not recommended to use aggressive temperatures for this fabric, but we took the risk. Everything turned out perfectly – an ironed pillowcase and no shiny traces from the iron.

We also subjected to a steam boost a wrinkled double duvet cover made of dense fabric (100% cotton) folded first three times, and then four times. The steam generator easily coped with this task – all layers of the fabric turned out to be well smoothed out, there was not a trace of folds left.

Result: excellent.


The Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam has been a real pleasure to use. We had no complaints about the convenience and efficiency of the device, it was comfortable to work with the steam generator, all tests were passed perfectly.

The powerful device is easy to operate and does not require complicated maintenance procedures. A capacious removable boiler allows you to process a considerable number of things at a time without the need to be distracted by refueling. The automatic shutdown function makes the device safe to use. We also note the extremely attractive appearance of the steam generator and its ergonomics in general.

The excellent quality of the soleplate of the iron provides excellent gliding over all types of fabrics, and a powerful steam stream allows you to instantly smooth out any, even the most complex folds and creases. In addition to all these advantages, we were pleasantly surprised by the speed at which the device reached operating temperature: it takes less than a minute and a half. And we didn’t manage to find any cons, none.

Pros :

  • beautiful design and comfortable construction
  • quick readiness for work
  • powerful steam supply and optimal steam distribution
  • ease of sliding and a good shape of the soleplate
  • automatic shutdown

Cons :

  • not detected

In conclusion, we suggest watching our video review of the Polaris PSS 9090K Turbo Steam steam generator:

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