May 6, 2022 – this day in history, major events

May 6, 2022 – Friday. 72nd day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. 126th day of the year. What day is it today in Ukraine and the world May 6 – Day of the Infantry of the Armed Forces... Read more

There are no signs that Belarus intends to become an active participant in the war in Ukraine – Pentagon

But the American law enforcement agency did not comment on the course of military exercises in Belarus. The Pentagon is convinced that now the armed forces of Belarus do not plan to actively participate in the Russian war against Ukraine,... Read more

Horoscope for May 6, 2022 for all signs of the zodiac according to Tarot cards

Tarot cards help you master your emotions. The horoscope for all signs of the zodiac according to Tarot cards for May 6 of the year says that Gemini needs to look for a foothold, and Scorpios can boldly move forward.... Read more

Astrological forecast for May 6

When planning our day, we are increasingly turning to the tips of the stars, who, as you know, will not advise bad. plan things? What clothes and jewelry to wear to be lucky in work and love? Which part of... Read more

Scholz does not expect the war in Ukraine to end soon, while his Czech counterpart spoke in favor of isolating Russia

At the same time, none of the goals of the invasion that Russia had planned was achieved. Russia has not achieved its goals in Ukraine, but it is demonstrating its readiness to further destroy the country, so there is no... Read more

Putin's war heightens risks of global food crisis – US representative to UN

The situation is particularly noticeable in the markets of Africa and the Middle East. The actions of the Russian Federation during the armed aggression against Ukraine are aimed at and deliberately obstructing agricultural activities and blocking grain exports, which increases... Read more

Musk plans to lead Twitter for several months: details

Until now, the question of who will lead Twitter after the purchase, there was little discussion. Inventor Elon Musk plans to take over as CEO of Twitter just a few months after completing his $44 billion acquisition of the social... Read more

Forces of the JFO repelled 11 attacks of Russian invaders: dozens of pieces of equipment were destroyed

During May 5, the Ukrainian military from the Joint Forces group successfully repelled 11 attacks by the Russian invaders and inflicted significant losses on them. In general, Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk and Lugansk directions continue to defend the state.... Read more

Kislitsa announced the likely goal of the Russian war in Ukraine: details

Russia has stolen about 400,000 tons of grain from the temporarily occupied regions. Creating a food crisis in Ukraine and the world is probably one of the deliberate goals of the Russian war. This was stated by Permanent Representative of... Read more

Large-scale lies of the Russian Federation go beyond human understanding and common sense – US envoy to the UN

True, it is very well known to everyone: it is the Kremlin that is the only culprit of the war in Ukraine. Russia’s massive lies in the international arena about its aggression against Ukraine goes beyond human understanding and common... Read more