The Pentagon is looking for new models for the Armed Forces of the US arms manufacturers

The US Department of Defense is in daily contact with arms and equipment manufacturers as needs increase.

The US Department of Defense has asked American arms manufacturers to present options for the purchase of new weapons systems to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine: about three hundred proposals have already been received.

This was stated by US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Supply William Laplante, – writes Ukrinform.

“While we are making efforts to ease supply chain restrictions, speed up production lines, launch new contracts, we have also asked manufacturers to submit options for new systems that can meet strategic goals,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

A few weeks ago, the corresponding requests were issued, which have different categories for a response – from 30 to 90 days. But now the Pentagon has received and is considering more than 300 proposals.

The Ministry is in daily contact with weapons and equipment manufacturers as needs increase.

“And we will continue to use all available tools to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the backdrop of Russian aggression,” Laplante stressed.

In parallel, contracts are being signed for the supply of existing weapons systems to Ukraine. In particular, an agreement was signed for the production and development of Switchblade combat drones in Ukraine in the amount of $17.8 million.

Active negotiations are underway to purchase additional Stinger systems and related components. It is expected that the contract will work at the end of May. The supply of new batches of Javelin anti-tank systems is being developed.

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