"A week or 10 days": a military expert said that Russian troops will not be enough for a long time in the second phase

The second phase of the offensive of the Russian troops, in fact, unsuccessfully lasts the second week. The occupiers have already realized that they have not completed any of the operational tasks they were ordered to complete during the second phase of the war in Ukraine.

Russian troops will continue offensive operations for several more days, try to advance, try to encircle the Ukrainian military , but soon the intensity of the fighting may decrease.

This was told by military expert Sergei Grabsky, Channel 24 reports .

“Losing our units and military equipment at such a pace, they won’t be enough for a long time. If you think with inertia, they will be enough for another week, perhaps 10 days,” the expert predicts.

After that, the Russian troops will be forced to go on the defensive , to gain a foothold on the occupied lines, or to retreat and try to hold the territory.

“We will see how much resources we have to deliver certain counterattacks, improve our positions. Then we will observe a decrease in the intensity of battles and a transition to a more protracted phase,” Grabsky said.

Regarding the time frame for the start of the so-called third phase of the war, the expert said that it is difficult to predict, because there are certain norms for the deployment of additional units. This can take 2-3 months, it all depends on the complexity of preparing the necessary units. Although the Russian Federation can throw its people into battle even without proper training with minimal equipment.

“Everything will depend on the will of Russia’s political leadership, how willing they are to sacrifice their human resources,” Grabsky said.

Recall, the Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky said that the blowing up of bridges in the Kharkiv region by the Russian invaders indicates a certain capitulation of the invaders.

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