Firefighters put out a fire in Odessa, which arose as a result of rocket attacks – photo, video

Ukrainian rescuers liquidated a fire in Odessa that arose due to a hit by cruise missiles.

The message to the Rescue Service was received on May 7 at 14:29, and at 15:27 the fire on an area of 900 m² was extinguished.

This was reported by the press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

“Rescuers worked at an increased call rank, since there was a threat of the spread of fire. There were no dead or injured. 12 pieces of equipment and 61 firefighters were involved from the State Emergency Service,” the firemen said.

Recall that on May 7, Russian troops launched six missile strikes on Odessa . According to preliminary data, no victims. Four rockets hit a furniture manufacturing plant in a residential area. A fire broke out at the plant. In addition, in a residential area, high-rise buildings were mutilated by the shock wave and debris. Two more missiles hit the airport’s runway and damaged radar equipment.

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