“I thought dill is a village, they can’t do anything”: the Russian military were afraid of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are looking for ways not to participate in the war

The Russian military, who have felt the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their own skin, are considering any means of avoiding participation in hostilities.

Putin’s “warriors” are waiting for the announcement of mobilization and complain to each other that contractors may not be fired from the army for several years.

This is stated in a new intercepted conversation between two Russian military.

During the conversation, two infidels are discussing different options for leaving the territory of Ukraine. The most likely of them is the refusal to participate in hostilities: “The maximum is a disciplinary battalion … The maximum is half a year. But what a half a year. Much better than enduring this x …”.

They also complain about the unexpectedly strong Ukrainian army: “I thought dill is a village, they can’t do anything. And when I arrived here, I thought that they didn’t show us enough how many columns they smashed ours. We drive on the roads only at night. Where are the dill? knows.”

At the end of the conversation, the infidels discuss the explosions in Russian Belgorod and the possible involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this. One of the interlocutors wonders how this is possible, because, in his opinion, the Ukrainian army is cordoned off “in the ring.” To which he receives the answer: “In what ring, who said that? If they were in the ring, they would not supply them with weapons.”

Recall, on May 7, foreign media reported that Putin signed a decree on the transfer of troops from Syria to Ukraine, because he needs at least some kind of victory before May 9. With these forces, he wants to speed up the process of capturing Donbass.

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