Military, builder, IT specialist: the banker named the main professions of Ukraine after the war

The most relevant professions in Ukraine after the end of the war will be the specialty of the military, builder and IT specialist. In addition, if the hostilities end by autumn, Ukraine could see a boom in investment.

If the war lasts a year or two, then the worst-case scenario will come true.

Investment banker Igor Mazepa spoke about this on the air of the Night Watch talk show on the 1 + 1 TV channel.

“If we get a victory or an end to the war by autumn, in principle, this will allow us to return our people, firstly. And secondly, this will lead to massive, hitherto unprecedented investments in the country. It will also be political money – government support Ukraine, and it will be private money – when private enterprises from all over the world will essentially invest money in Ukraine,” the expert said.

As for the actual post-war professions, he could not give any general advice on what profession to master or retrain. However, it is already obvious that vacancies for builders will be relevant in the labor market.

“As for professions, there is no such general advice here. Well, for example, we already see that the profession of a builder or various construction professions will come in handy. Millions of square meters of destroyed housing, industrial facilities – this will need to be restored. Large infrastructure – bridges, roads – everything will need such massive human strength and production capacity,” Mazepa said.

“Our IT sector, by the way, also lost it. In March, we looked at the statistics in relation to February – the IT sector has lost 40% since the beginning of the war. But, fortunately, it is still at the level of 2021 and it is more – less remains such a working sector ,” the investment banker added.

Recall that investment banker Sergei Fursa announced the day before that a deep economic crisis would begin in Russia in the summer, worsening in autumn and winter.

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