Seven explosions sounded in Odessa at once: rescuers work in places of hits

For several hours, the Russians have been shelling the Odessa region with rockets, the first arrivals were in the resort Zatoka a few hours ago. From the Tu-22 aircraft, the Rashists fired three Kinzhal missiles at once.

Subsequently, the enemy began shelling Odessa itself, according to TSN .

At half past ten there was the first massive arrival, several blows and explosions were heard at once, then there was another series of blows – in total, about seven explosions were recorded in the city.

Subsequently, witnesses began to spread information that several rockets hit one of the shopping centers, a strong fire started, and now firefighters are working there. There is no information about the dead or injured yet.

The rubble in the resort Zatoka is also being dismantled. There, five hotels were destroyed from the hit of three missiles at once. Two local residents were injured. They were sent to the hospital with moderate injuries and concussion. The dead – and it’s just a miracle, no. Rescuers also pulled out a live dog from under the rubble.

An hour ago, the siren went silent – there is no air raid warning, but the military warns that the danger of rocket attacks remains in Odessa, so I urge all citizens to go down to shelter at the first signals.

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