"Do not explode": Arestovich told why Russia is terrorizing Odessa with missiles

Seven missiles were fired at Odessa.

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the presidential office, explained why Russia is terrorizing Odessa with missiles.

On the page on the social network, he said that the Russian side is now mainly using Kh-22 type missiles (an old Soviet product of the 60s, with a circular probable deviation error of 200-300 meters and a very complex and dangerous equipment / application procedure, highly toxic there) and “Daggers” – a modern hypersonic missile from MIG-31 aircraft.

According to him, the use of both the most ancient (and dangerous) and the most modern missiles shows that the Russians have begun to save on high-precision missiles.

According to Arestovich, this means two things:

  • there will be more misses and, accordingly, hits in residential areas (X-22),
  • there will be more hits on selected targets (Dagger), without the ability to intercept (hypersonic missiles are not intercepted).

“The combination of accurate hits on the one hand and the increased incidence of destruction of residential areas on the other will give a media, and therefore a psychological picture of mass missile terror. It, in turn, will give rise to the effect of the inability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to resist the enemy in this regard, and will push hysterical breakdowns in consciousness” he added.

He writes that “hysterical breakdowns in the public consciousness”, as against a general negative background, will be better placed by another betrayal, which is enough and even more than enough.

“This is precisely the calculated effect of a missile war, and not just hitting specific targets: the effect is the creation of a general negative background,” Arestovich added.

He also concludes that air raid alerts should not be neglected, especially in the vicinity of critical infrastructure and/or military installations.

Regarding the general negative background, designed to blow up faith in victory, here the advice from Arestovich is simple – “do not explode.”

It is clear that everyone is tired and the number of our mistakes, the Ukrainian side, becomes like a snowball. So it depends only on the person whether he spins this film in his head voluntarily or tells him no. Just don’t spin scary pictures in your head,” Arestovich added.

He advised not to turn on this TV.

“These drawings are of poor quality – self-promoting, it is worth allowing once. This is the whole calculation, and it is for this purpose that they are created and implemented. And if this is the enemy’s plan, then our sacred task is to thwart it. Each in his own head. War “It is everywhere. And above all, inside each of us. Do not think that only soldiers at the front win it. Everyone has to defeat it in themselves,” Arestovich wrote.

Recall that on April 26, kafirs fired rockets at Odessa region. Because of this, the bridge across the Dniester Estuary was damaged.

The Regional State Administration believes that by their actions the enemy is trying to cut off part of the region and create tension against the backdrop of events in Pridnestrovie.

The very next day, April 27, at 6:45 am, the army of the Russian Federation fired again at this bridge . Fortunately, as a result of the attack by the invaders of the terrorist state, there were no injured railway workers.

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