The shelling of Odessa: one person was killed, another 5 were injured (photo)

The Russians hit Odessa with the use of aircraft.

As a result of an evening missile attack on Odessa on May 9, one person was killed and five more were injured.

This is reported by the operational command “South”.

7 missiles were fired at the city. Unfortunately, 1 person died and 5 others were injured. They were taken to the hospital.

“However, the enemy’s reserves of missiles, obviously, are on the balance, since rare, Soviet-style ones are clearly used, which, due to their age, are already being guided,” the message says.

With obsolete missiles, the occupiers managed to get into a shopping center and a warehouse of ready-made consumer goods. Firefighting continues.

“The enemy continues psychological pressure and such hysterical attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure,” summed up the OK “South”.

Recall that the Russians shelled Odessa for the second time in the evening. Earlier, Russian Tu-22s fired hypersonic missiles across the Odessa region that hit tourist houses : injured.

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