Charges 8 smartphones at once! Chewing or choking? Overview of the popular memory Asometech

Need to charge many smartphones or other USB devices at once? The situation is something normal. Everyone has a smartphone at work, guests also come to the dacha. The final decision is obvious – to choose multiport charging so that you can charge as many devices as possible at once. Just such a memory and fell into my hands. 8 connectors, display, 40 75w and one and a half thousand orders with good reviews. Well, let’s see how it really is.

Packaging and appearance

The packaging is better than the powerbanks manufactured by (for?) Asometech, such as the 30000mah model with a built-in lamp, which I talked about in the last review . However, the packaging I mention here is rather traditional. It is important when it comes to a device that will fit as a gift. Giving memory for smartphones is a frankly strange idea.

The memory itself is a fairly neat compact block with a meter tail of wire.

On good, it would be worth opening the bottom. It just resisted this so zealously that attempts had to be abandoned. It’s not that I couldn’t pull this off, the problem was that to do this I would have to cut through the whole bottom. And I had absolutely no interest in it. Just in case, I clarify – there were no screws under the anti-slip blotches.

The display is bright and, alas, non-switchable. In the reviews there are a lot of complaints about just this, they say it would be nice to make the most ordinary ON-OFF button for those cases when nothing is charging at night. Or the usual auto-shutdown after a conditional 20-30 seconds

It shows the information, of course, the most basic. The number of the working connector, current and voltage. It would not hurt to add more power too.

As for the accuracy of the readings, they are conditionally accurate and, in the approximation of everyday office, barracks, and household needs, they will fit perfectly. Here’s a great illustration. In terms of voltage from charging, you should expect an operating mode rather than accurate readings.

It seems that the difference between 5.2v and real 4.86v is not so big, but it is. But when you actually load the charge, the difference will already be noticeable.

Charger test

Supported charging protocols

I rechecked it several times and realized that something was wrong with the PD … then it turned out – due to an oversight, I took the 40w model, with the output cut down to 10w PD. Judging by the comments, I was not alone. The question “where is the powerful PD?” got up in front of other buyers who did not pay attention that they were taking the younger version of charger C , and not charger E

Power test

Well, here is the power that can really be removed from this charger from Aliexpress.

The QC output allows you to draw up to 23 watts relative to the 18 declared. Good. Together with the rest of the connectors, the maximum power that could be removed before the memory went into protection was ~ 37.5 watts with 40 declared.

With a long load at maximum power, the memory did not stink and did not reach some kind of inadequately high temperature.

General impressions

A review of this inexpensive multi-port smartphone charger showed exactly what I expected to see – namely, completely ordinary results. In some ways (the power of the QC3) of the connector, they exceeded the declared ones, in some ways (the total power) they did not reach it.

If we evaluate by perhaps the main indicator of the ratio of price and functionality, then I have no questions. For a relatively small price, you get what is promised. Namely, a charger that can charge many devices at once. Of course, the charging power here will be divided proportionally and you should not expect a high charging speed. Do you want faster? Limit yourself to 3-4 devices and use the QC3 connector.

For 40w memory, I find such a “1 fast and somewhat slow” scheme quite working and I think that it is unlikely that it will not be enough in an office-barracks-workshop-smoking room. The same 5v2A seems slow until you realize that these 10w of charging power will allow you to charge almost any smartphone in an hour, and a tablet in a couple of hours.

Need even faster? Please, Asometech has a slightly more expensive 75w version with powerful PD output. I am sure that such a bunch of fast QC and PD with a number of ordinary 10w ports will be enough for the eyes.

Now the cons. For me, it is only one – a non-switchable display will be inconvenient at night in bedside use at home. But somewhere else, its constant illumination will not play any role.

If you want to choose a charger for aliexpress to charge many smartphones at the same time, then this Asometech model has a lot of competitors. Here are just models from popular brands, for the most part, they are made in the format of one block with connectors. If this format is not convenient for you, and you need something like a desktop-shelf that can be powered from a conditional outlet under the table, then you may well consider Asometech for purchase. Whether this charge suits you or not, of course, is up to you. I hope my review was detailed enough to help give an accurate impression.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy an Asometech charger in the manufacturer’s official store on Aliexpress

And you can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block

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