Church calendar for May 12 – to whom believers pray

Which saint to pray on May 12 and whom the church honors, read in the material

What holiday is May 12 in the church calendar

On May 12, the church honors the memory of the nine martyrs in Kyzitz . What do we know about this day?

The church calendar for May 12 is the day of remembrance of the nine martyrs in Kyzyts

On Wednesday, May 12, 2022, the church honors the nine martyrs in Kyzitz.

In the III century in the city of Kyzyk (Turkey in our time) lived nine Christian martyrs. At that time, Christianity and paganism quietly coexisted together, although the latter belief was more aggressive. Therefore, the Christians who remained in Kyzitz tried to secretly confess their faith. This state of affairs was very depressing to Rufus, Magnus, Theodotos, Philemon, Artem, Faumasius, Theost, Theognis and Antipater. They decided to speak up about their faith and encourage others to do the same.

The pagans immediately seized them and forced them to renounce the Lord by torture, bow down to idols and offer sacrifice to them. Periodically, nine friends were thrown into prison, and then the trial continued. The martyrs did not renounce their faith, their spirit and will remained strong to the end.

Seeing their strong faith, the pagans decided to sentence them to death. The martyrs were beheaded on April 29. However, the exact year of death is unknown. Some sources indicate the period from 284 to 292 years.

Church calendar for May 12: video

Folk omens

  • A clear and bright sunrise towards a warm summer.
  • May 12 is a starry night – there will be a rich harvest.
  • If there are many May beetles, it is worth waiting for a drought.

What not to do on May 12

  • It is forbidden to do dirty tricks to other people.
  • Do not get angry and slander.

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