“I would have injected them with drugs and cut out the stars on their backs”: Russian woman urged her military husband to torture and kill Ukrainian children

The wives of Russian invaders advise them to kill and torture Ukrainian children.

A shocking interception of a telephone conversation between the occupier and his wife was managed by the SBU near Kharkov. The woman lives in a city bordering Ukraine, where Ukrainian citizens are forcibly evacuated.

The conversation was posted on the telegram channel of the SBU.

The woman was outraged that by May 9, Ukrainian children refused to draw Russian symbols, saying that this was not their holiday.

“I would inject them with drugs if I worked, I would look into their eyes and say:“ Die, suffer. so that it hurts them like that,” says the rashistka.

Her husband was shocked by what his wife said, he tried to insert that “these are children,” but the Nazi did not listen to him and continued to express her desires to torture Ukrainian children.

Recall that Ukrainian intelligence intercepted a conversation between the Russian invader and his mother about the terrible abuse and murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war committed by the FSB and the Russian military. Intelligence also released the personal details of the man and his mother.

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