Mask mode canceled at EU airports: date announced

Despite the relaxation of quarantine requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, European airlines will be able to require masks to be worn on board their aircraft.

In the European Union, the obligation to wear a mask at airports is being abolished. Such restrictions, introduced in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, will cease to operate from Monday, May 16.

It is reported by Franceinfo with reference to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This decision in the message was called “a big step forward in the standardization of air transport.” This relaxation of health rules comes as Europeans’ appetite for travel, curtailed during the two years of the pandemic, is gaining momentum.

At the same time, EASA reminded that the face mask remains one of the best means of protection against the transmission of COVID-19, especially for vulnerable people. The agency added that the requirements for masks on board aircraft “will vary depending on the airline.”

In particular, it is already known that in Germany, the most populous EU country, they announced that the obligation to wear a mask on airplanes will not be canceled. Such requirements will apply on board Lufthansa aircraft.

Recall that Bill Gates, an American businessman and philanthropist, founder of Microsoft and the Gates Foundation, has contracted a coronavirus infection.

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