The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine north of Kharkov continues to successfully push the occupiers to the Russian-Ukrainian border

The defenders of Ukraine liberated several cities north of Kharkov and continued their offensive north of the recently liberated Stary Saltov.

Their goal is to capture several cities northeast of Kharkov.

It is reported by the Institute of War.

It is noted that Russian forces from the Izyum region are redeploying north to try to ease the pressure of this counter-offensive and prevent further advance north towards the border with Russia.

“The Ukrainian counter-offensive is likely to continue diverting Russian troops and resources from deployment to other areas of offensive, where fighting has also been halted by successful Ukrainian defense, shelling and subsequent attacks,” the statement said.

According to the Institute, the Ukrainian counter-offensive in northern Kharkiv has advanced further and may have come within 10 kilometers of the Russian border.

Recall that as of May 11, the total combat losses among the personnel of the Russian occupiers amount to 26,350 people. The greatest losses of the enemy over the past day were observed in the Novopavlovsky, Kurakhovsky and Severodonetsk directions.

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