Fake press cards and correspondence with the military of the Russian Federation: suspected of collaborating with the Russians were detained in Odessa

Ukrainian law enforcers continue to identify citizens who may be collaborating with the invading state Russia.

Over the past day, three suspects of such cooperation were detained in Odessa. The man was found in different parts of the city.

This was announced by the speaker of the Patrol Police of the Odessa region Alla Marchenko.

In the Kiev region, a man was detained who photographed and filmed the site of a missile strike that Russia recently launched. He didn’t have any documents. Instead, the suspect showed the press cards to the patrolmen. However, they turned out to be fake.

On Wednesday, at the entrance to Odessa, a man was detained, in whose car there was photo and video equipment, as well as a copter. However, he was unable to provide any explanation.

In the Odessa Suvorovsky district, law enforcement officers detained a curfew violator. According to investigators, correspondence with the Russian military was found on his phone.

Recall that only over the past day in the Zhytomyr region, law enforcement officers exposed three Kremlin fans . Residents of various communities in the region openly supported the actions of the political and military leadership of Russia against Ukraine, justified them and admired the valor of the Russian invaders.

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